*OCB*Looking for Players WorldWide (New/Experienced/Competitive)

(potty1) #1

I am here to give you guys an open invite to join our community / clan. At OCB we have players from all around the world and all ages. We have MatteMG who is leading the under 18’s and we have Ads who is leading the over 65’s. (Ads however is often out on his moped delivering pizza’s he makes for people on justeat)

But if you are interested in playing some DB with people who just like the game this is probably the place for you. We have a small amount of players who play in the competitive cups over at DBN. Think we have featured in more or less all proving grounds tournaments.

If you just enjoy public play we have a great amount of players who play most times of the day whether you are from the US or from Europe. We tend to meet on teamspeak to have some fun! :slight_smile:

If you are interested in joining our Teamspeak IP is : Feel free to come by and poke someone with OCB tags on and introduce yourself.

We do have a brand new website up @ http://crabbit.co.uk so keep your eyes out for updates on that page.

Anyway, I look forward to seeing people of all levels of skill, ages and locations. See you on teamspeak :smile:

(*OCB*Ads913) #2

we added the new link for people who would like to join. bloody potty and his pizza stick.
link is http://crabbit.co.uk/join-ocb/

(potty1) #3

Ads has a mobility scooter because he is so old.

(Andarne) #4

Bumping this post to say that OCB are still actively recruiting new members!

All info can be found on our website; http://crabbit.co.uk - we’re not just about Dirty Bomb, either. If you like multiplayer games, we’d love to have you!

So come along and become an Owld Crabbit Bastart today!

(Ads913) #5

bumping for new players

(potty200) #6

Can I join?

(Verticules) #7

@Andarne I applied and added you. Pretty sure you declined my friend request. Also ads’ friends list is full.

(stakapugting) #8

Can i join? Im from Philippines!

(Ads913) #9

Of course, we have members as far and wide as Japan to the States. We’re ramping up recruitment right now and also looking for experienced admins as we have a few new initiatives coming up soon. Join us the one and only Clan OCB

(Jackdknife101) #10

Im 14, would it be all right if I joined? I play dirty bomb almost daily.