Obsidians, default loadout, skins

(Begin2018) #1

As future Obsidians will be default loadout, why not make Obsidians just skins that we can apply on the loudout card of our choice? I think that’s the way to go.

(Runeforce) #2

Because then you can’t screw with your customers by taking another €10 for the same skin on a more desired loadout.

Unless you meant a one-time token you buy and apply to a card. Then they could, by introducing new loadouts.

(Teflon Love) #3

My preferred solution would be that after buying an Obsidian I can pick the loadout for it. If I want a different loadout later on, I can pick another for a fee, say, 30% of the original price.

If I have multiple preferred loadouts I should be able to buy the Obsidian multiple times (instead of having to pay the switching fee every couple of matches).

IMHO this would be fair to players and still deliver money/RADs to SD multiple times. Also people like me, who have no interest in shotgun Obsidians, would actually spend their RADs in the first place.


I don’t care so much if they give us every card, but at least give us some more options than just one. Someone like Phoenix sure whatever, all his weapons are more or less the same, but there are a lot of other mercs with vastly different weapons, all of which come with vastly different playstyles. I would have happily bought the aura and proxy loadouts if they weren’t shotgun only, I love those mercs, but hate shotguns.
Not like it should be difficult either, with all the people I’ve heard avoiding the obsidians due to a weapon they dislike, I really can’t see an extra hour of work at most not being worth it. Like, SD, I’ll literally pay you 20/30 dollars or whatever obsidians are now for aura with a blish and proxy with a hochfir, and I’m not the only one either

(SM83 Power Operative ) #5

This is what everyone wants. I personally want the ability to apply a default skin to whichever loadout I’d like as well. The only reason why I believe they have not or will not do this (and for once it’s not money) is because I think it would conflict with certain character models. Some of the Obsidian accessories and weapon details probably aren’t as simple as just slapping it onto another model. They’d have to code for various weapons and so on. Well, I guess in a way this is a time and money issue…


I really can’t imagine it being so difficult that they’re willing to put in the effort for one card, but not the others and instead just lose out on those potential profits. Plus in a lot of cases they’ve even already made those weapons for other mercs, like the blishlok being on fletcher and phantom, but not aura.

I’m sure it’s not as simple as pressing one button, but still. SD has released a billion of these skins, they clearly have some sort of framework for it, so I doubt it would be the end of the world to just give us some choices

(Teflon Love) #7

Depends on how much work costs to model 3 guns vs. how many paying customers you lose by only providing a shotgun loadout. Considering how much work it must have been to build the Obsidian Proxy and Aura I’d expect adding more gun models would be comparably simple.

(SM83 Power Operative ) #8

One would think, yet here we stand… I feel somewhat optimistic that we’ll see some of these changes in the future, though. There’s no way it has gone unnoticed from SD. Here’s to hoping? :beer:

(DB Genome editor) #9

There is no modeling involved here, it’s only re-skinning which is almost trivial for weapons once you’re setup properly, even more when it’s a pattern that doesn’t require specific alignment on the model like the Obsidian “Tactical Black”. In practice, you’re just swapping flat texture files and “wallpapering” the existing models.

If SD is not doing it, it’s not because of the effort involved, it’s a business decision (sadly one which most of us can’t understand…:thinking:)

(Teflon Love) #10

I read somewhere that SD is concerned that when selling Obsidians with non default loadouts the lesser educated people will scream “pay to win!”. Never understood this reasoning either because you can already buy any loadout in bronze, even for credits.

(SM83 Power Operative ) #11

A problem that could have and sadly needed to be solved with some hand-holding since the early days of this game’s arrival. Apparently people needed a big fat prompt that explicitly states anything beyond Bronze is purely cosmetic. Funny enough, in hindsight I think I may have actually preferred a legitimate pay-to-win model for better loadouts than the gambling and loot-box/case key garbage we have currently. Same shit, different toilet.

(Begin2018) #12

Yes but if Obsidians were skins we can equip on our own loadout cards, then the problem doesn’t exist. We could apply it on the default loadout card or on any other bronze we own with different loadout. As weapon skins.