obsidian card

(Major_Slapnuts) #1

The limited edition obsidian loadout card, can’t be recycled, can it?

(KeMoN) #2

No special/limited edition cards can.

(alphabeta) #3

But that is a great card, why would you recycle it?

(Chris Mullins) #4

Correct, it cannot be recycled, just like all other Special Edition cards.

(Chronicler) #5

And you guys need to fix that, I got so many cards from ranked season 2 I want to get rid off >_>

(KeMoN) #6

I’m still lobbying for this concept for a possible generation III of loadout cards. :tongue:
I think that would be a nice system to have.

(alphabeta) #7

These are some great ideas Kemon. SD?

(Chris Mullins) #8

It’s a cool idea, but having cards available that way via levelling would have a big effect on monetisation in the game and would need a much wider look at the game systems and what knock ones it would have. We want to add more progression mechanics to the game, just not in this way.

(Chronicler) #9

I think the best way to monetize this game is several skimpy outfits for Nader being on sale >_>

(Major_Slapnuts) #10

I don’t like the gun, I don’t think I would use the card.

I don’t like the yellow ranked cards either.