Obsedian worth it?

(Pure_Dark) #1

I am collecting up to 2k ranked points but now I’m having second guesses. Should I buy 2 ranked cases or an obsedian Aura?

(arharr3) #2

If you often play aura and dont have the card (its the best blish loadout for her) you should go for it.
If you dont actually “main” her just go for the cases. Or just wait for the next season if you dont like this seasons skins.

(Shenaynays) #3

being the devils advicate here, but that aura loadout is one of her best loadouts, whereas with the ranked cases you’re unlikely as hell to get the loadout you want

(ValyrianKaos) #4

Annoying how I wasn’t playing when this was being offered. Aura is my main ATM.

(martha_smith) #5

but there is no option in game to buy obsidian aura , there is obsidian fragger

(Kirays) #6

The obsidian Aura was available in season three.

Ancient thread this is, closing. :slight_smile: