Objective mode missions

(Violator) #1

These should be removed while we are only able to play SW mode.

(Mustang) #2

I only play on objective servers, so don’t know what you’re on about.

(Violator) #3

hmm… I’m only getting the option for SW mode for EU/UK servers (in the browser at least). Seems there are obj mode servers in other regions though. There is a single (passworded) obj server in Stockholm.


There are no Objective mode missions, they were removed nearly two weeks ago. Do you even play the game?

(Violator) #5

lol I’m a founder :slight_smile: However I was away for 2 weeks so may have been a hangover. There are objective mode servers as I previously said, just not in UK / EU regions.

(Mustang) #6

Better solution here would be to add EU servers back, it’s not great having to play on Russian servers all the time.