Objective Mode, could literally just be a setting for Stopwatch

(watsyurdeal) #1

All objective mode is, is starting out with 5 or so minutes, and you earning time for every objective you complete. The difference is of course being a second round for Defense to beat your time and objectives done. But the thing is, Objective mode really doesn’t need to exist. It could just be a boolean, for full time or earned time in the first round, and Pub servers can have this be the standard.

So, tldr

  1. Remove Objective Mode
  2. Add a new setting to Stopwatch called Earning Time
  3. When on, the first round of Stopwatch starts out at 5 mins, and you earn your time with each objective completed
  4. When off, you start out with the full time
  5. Pub servers have this setting on by default

(Ptiloui) #2

Like this idea.
Especially considering that the CMM seraching can be quite long sometimes. I’d rather play a longer game than wait for another fresh one. Plus, the side change on stopwatch is more interesting than the actual objective mode.