NVIDIA does no longer find DirtyBomb as installed game

(ASD) #1


since the last update NDIDIA Experience tool does not find DirtyBomb as installed game
as result the recorded videos are also not stored in the “DirtyBomb” folder but int the “Desktop” folder…

maybe you can tell NVIDIA that you have changed something so they find DirtyBomb again :slight_smile:


(ASD) #2

working again

(Stokes1) #3

I’m having the same issue, how did you fix yours?

(ASD) #4

I did nothing… fixed from alone… maybe some (auto)update was applied…

(NHLfan) #5

I want to know the solution to that aswell

(ASD) #6

same shit again…

hope this is selffixing again
maybe littlebit faster!

(ASD) #7

and again self fixed… whatever is happening here

(ZaZa) #8

I cannot get it to my GeForce Experience console, NVIDIA don’t locate it.

Running on:

  1. Nvidia GeForce Experience console

  2. Geforce Game Ready driver 398.36

Reported it, lets see if it is fixed in the next patch/ update.