Not sure why no XP is given on Founders

(gerg) #1

Not sure why but I just tested a campaign_resistance_dlc1 with Labs and Founders map, and notice I got no XP on the character for Founders. Not sure why.

Very simple config file which is here:

si_rules sdGameRulesCampaign
applyServerConfig Standard
campaign set campaign_resistance_dlc1
si_playMode 1
si_onlineMode 3
spawnServer mp/lab.entities

net_serverRemoteConsolePassword "xxx"
//to login //rcon admin 'command', e.g. listbans


(gerg) #2

The character I tested at is at level 24, is this the max? Can’t you get all the abilities?

(gerg) #3

I think my XP issue is the max for the character, but I have another question if folks know. Can you couple two campaigns together, that is can you run the campaign_resistance and the campaign_resistance_dlc1 together?

(Runeforce) #4

Yes, no and yes.