Not recieving reroll tokens

(enigmaplatypus) #1

So since the update hit I have only received one reroll token. Its been about three days and I have yet to receive a new token. I believe we are supposed to be receiving a new token every 24 hours… but I’ve waited around 72 hours with no token. Is anyone else having this issue? I really want to get some new contacts but i don’t want to spend rads to get them XD

(Khuzen) #2

Same here, don’t think I have received any of the tokens I should have by now.

Besides that, are you required to re-roll contracts once you have finished a set of three? Even though I have completed my first set, they are still there and I am not getting any new ones. Clicking on the re-roll icon brings up the confirmation message which implies that I have not actually completed my contracts, as it seems to suggest that I would lose progress of my current contracts and therefore the reward if I do the re-roll.

If this is not the case and it is in fact required for you to re-roll for new contracts, then I believe that the confirmation message should be re-phrased and also include a statement which can confirm that a re-roll is also in fact used for getting new contracts. Yep, kinda don’t know what to do at this point because even if I do re-roll I’ll just run out of tokens.

(Llylanwyn) #3

I am having the same issue. After the update, I had the three contracts and a single token. I completed all contracts, then used the token to re-roll the next set. I have completed this set, and have not received any additional tokens, nor has the re-roll occurred naturally as many have indicated it should be doing. I didn’t think anything of it the first day, but when I logged in during the evening, I took a screenshot with a time stamp, and have since taken another the following day (today) to show that a full 24 hours+ has passed with no update. If the devs read this and would like the screenshots, I can provide them.

(enigmaplatypus) #4

I think you do have to reroll the contracts after you complete them. They don’t seem to replenish automatically (so the reroll tokens are required). I am not entirely sure if credits are rewarded when you reroll or as the missions are completed. I would assume they credits are automatically given when you complete the contract (like the old system). I did reroll my contracts once and i did notice that my credits did jump up a bit, but i’m not sure if that’s from the contracts or the increased base rate. As far as the message goes, I think the message is the same whether you finish the contract or not. So it’s warning you before you reroll that if you have unfinished contracts the contract will disappear (and progress is lost).

(enigmaplatypus) #5

Yeah, i also used up my one token. I wanted to wait three days before reporting (just to be sure it didn’t fix itself). I hope the devs are aware that this issue is going on…and that those who haven’t been receiving tokens will be able to get the ones they missed credited back to them. I also have screenshots and video footage i can provide if need be.

(Khuzen) #6

I was just wondering why would it display a message suggesting that progress and whatnot would be lost if in fact you have already completed the missions. This message is misleading and I feel that it will lead to confusion, which is the reason why I think a simple change to it could help us players in fully understanding how it works.

(enigmaplatypus) #7

I completely agree :smile:

((Pos2/3)) #8

It was a bug. The reroll timer didn’t flow the way it should. When I log out, the time didn’t ticking. So they get stuck in xx hours. It was 4 days ago. But now i think it works perfectly :slight_smile:

(enigmaplatypus) #9

It’s still not working for me :cry: I did receive a token on Sunday but I have yet to receive another one (on Tuesday). my timer seems to tick normally, the number of hours and minutes changes each time i log on (like the timer isn’t stuck)… I just don’t receive anything

(Khuzen) #10

Same for me over here. Actually, since the update I have never received a re-roll token even though the timer seems to be working. The other day, I was playing while the timer was counting down from about 2 hours. Unfortunately I had to leave the game with 45 minutes left on the clock. Coming back to the game later that day the timer had reset and was counting down from 22:50 at the time, but I have yet to receive a token and I only have one to spare as of this moment.

(Khuzen) #11

I have also sent a report/complaint over to Splash Damage regarding this issue and a couple other concerns of mine, such as the hassle that is hidden levels. This was done a couple of days ago but I am still waiting for a reply. But if it takes some time to get a response then that’d probably be my fault for typing up over a thousand words. Oops.:sweat_smile: