Noob-friendly steam gaming-group (TpPG) looking for more members!

(SkrubLord) #1

We are a small team called TheProPcGamers that currently exist of 6 members who is looking for more members to join our group. Dont worry, we are not pro and you dont have to be a pro to join :slight_smile: Noobs are welcome as long as you like to play games and have someone to play with (and dont act like a total dick). Everyone is welcome to join our group! We mainly play Dirty Bomb but also other multiplayer games. In the future we are planning on making a seperate DB group if we get enough members who play the game. So if you are just looking for some friends to play with please add me on steam and I will tell you the rules etc of our group.

Here is my steam profile if you want to join! :slight_smile:

(Bejalox) #2

I would like to join if you guys are still around i sent you a steam friendship request