Nobody to get rid of bots here?

(twt_thunder) #1

Is there no comunity manager here to get rid of spamming bots here?

(Mustang) #2

I’m nuking them as often as possible, but until some server side anti-spam measure are bumped up I can’t see it getting any better.

Last Sunday (the 14th) I contacted badman about it, he very swiftly responded and said he was passing it over to the community team, not sure exactly who that team consists of these days (shoe. and Fluffy_gIMp perhaps?), anyway I tried to give them some time to look into it over the week and have been trying to catch them on Discord over the last couple of days, but no joy yet.

Hopefully if we keep mentioning how annoying it is some action will be taken.

(light_sh4v0r) #3

I’m reporting tons of spam posts, I’d be available to get rid of them if you want to give me access.

(twt_thunder) #4

(KeMoN) #5

It would also be easier if there were no 60 seconds wait time between reports.
Although I’m not really sure reporting really helps…

(Mustang) #6

A single report does help as it automatically emails me the details, I wouldn’t bother wasting your time to make multiple reports though as I’ll usually clean everything in one hit anyway.

(light_sh4v0r) #7

I usually report 1 spampost per subforum, assuming you’ll find the other 10 below it yourself :slight_smile:

(ronboy) #8

This is getting ridiculous. Almost half a page of spam topics were just created in the “Q3map2 Support Forum” section.

(Kl3ppy) #9

Any update/news on the bot issue?

(Mustang) #10

Apparently there is no-one that can help so they’re looking for a new web developer, we have to wait until they hire someone.

(Nail) #11

here’s some new crapheads
uwqv3430, vydl4469, xomy8777

can we just ban Poland

(Nail) #12

nother one


(Nail) #13


(ZGToRRent) #14

Thanks Nail.

(Nail) #15

lol, I banned Estonia from our game servers for 2 weeks once, the crap stopped though

nother guy

(Nail) #16




(Nail) #17





(Nail) #18



(Chris Mullins) #19

We’re looking into this now. Hopefully we’ll have this cleaned up soon

(KeMoN) #20

Your statement is appreciated. Thank you, shoe.