No Sound Bug

(Akidan) #1

Hi! I used to play alot of Dirty Bomb a while back but I stopped playing when I encountered a bug months ago that made my game completely mute. Ever since then I have stopped playing the game but now I am looking to try to get back into it but I don’t want to download it if the bug still remains. Thanks!

(Mustang) #2

Never heard of this bug, possibly something went wrong on your side, a re-install is usually a good way to start afresh, let us know how it goes.

(Near ) #3

It can come from a custom config if you used one a while back, it has changed and some old config are broken.

Try to delete the file ShooterEngine.ini under Documents/My Games/UnrealEngine/ShooterGame/Config, after that launch the game again and it will give you the newer version of the config and the audio should be fixed.