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(ShadowAgent) #2

can you explain me why ive been banned from a forum i never went on :o

(-SSF-Sage) #3

It can be because of email address’s end (for example It can be your location, isp, part of the ip, that has been banned. Maybe there were some bot problems and they needed to ban some spambots.

(Meyerinchains) #4

I can only explain that if you use the Videotron ISP in Canada. We had a problem for many months with a hacker up there who kept changing IP’s, but was always within the same ISP. Sorry that guy had to kill it for others in the area. But I’m going to edit my original post to include the content of the topic.

(ShadowAgent) #5

lol thats true :banghead:

(PAV) #6

No quarter is a very very good MOD. I like this idea to transmit work and knowledge free, thx for the . Thank you to give your work to the codder which needs some.

(moonShield) #7

Now if this mod gets a better antilag implementation i’ll never touch etpro again ;).

(PAV) #8

:smiley: the etpro’s team said the same thing !

(Meyerinchains) #9

I’m in the process of moving the repository to a new host. I don’t know if anyone’s had luck downloading it yet, but I tried to test it a few times, and it always timesout. Gonna try a new one that’s a little more reliable, and I’ll post the new info here when it’s ready. :slight_smile:

And it’s not really the antilag. It’s just that NQ is hogging server CPU (2 to 3 times more than other mods) and we never figured out why. Once that is fixed, I’m sure it’ll run a bit smoother too.

(kamikazee) #10

Hmmm, sounds like something we encountered in FalckonET as well…

(Meyerinchains) #11

The server cpu usage thing??

(kamikazee) #12

Well yes, but far worse. The CPU usage would really max out, causing the server to go on its knees.

(Meyerinchains) #13

Yikes, that is far worse. Ever fix it or discover its cause?

(kamikazee) #14

In the end, it turned out to be a run-away loop iterating all the entities a few times per server frame and doing some string compares. You can imagine this takes some processing power.

(Chaos101) #15

meh… cant get qagame to compile with msvs2008 beta
damn i hate the beta… but i cant find 2005 anywhere…

anyway, thanks for the contribution to the open source world :slight_smile:

(Rudi) #16

The ET SDK compiles fine with VS2008 Team Edition / Professional Edition, don’t know about NQ, but make sure you’re selecting Release instead of Debug.

(Chaos101) #17

already did that :slight_smile:

anyway, i just found msvs2005, downloading now, 41.7% done

(Chaos101) #18

I’m getting this now:
“\g_bot.c(7) : fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: ‘…/game/be_ea.h’: No such file or directory”

this file isnt in the tracker thing, does that mean i can remove the include?

edit: i seem to be missing almost all includes g_bot.c asks for, am i missing a folder?

(Rudi) #19

Try downloading the ET SDK and then putting the NQ Source over the top of that.

(molotov) #20

heh, a little bumping but i dont wanted create a whole new topic:

noquarter 1.2.3 is released :stuck_out_tongue:

Merry Christmas to all!