No Daily Bonuses Bug

(TheOfficialThug) #1

So i played about 7 games to the end won and lost and i didnt get any of my daily bonuses for winning and days first match after the “Final Assault” update

(MEFYSTO59) #2

Same here, tried using quick join and server browser and since the update, no daily rewards :confused:

(SaulWolfden) #3

I have not gotten the daily play reward either after several games.

(PantheraAshoka) #4

Me neither.

(F-43) #5

Same here.

(auditbc) #6

I was going to report this same thing but checked out the announcements first.

I think this old - play one of each objective/stopwatch and win once - is replaced with the new “Daily Play” where you claim the 1500 credits/MK cases everyday.

Here’s from the announcement that talks about the daily play bonus:

“This update sees Daily Play bonuses being completely reworked. This new system rewards simply playing a single match, meaning you can play the modes you enjoy without players intentionally unbalancing matches to try to get a win.”

(MEFYSTO59) #7

I tried and the daily reward Case/Credit thing works, so thanks to point it out :slight_smile:

(henki000) #8

No daily bonus

EDIT: Got it later when playing some new missions.

(MEFYSTO59) #9

I’m coming back on my words, doesn’t works anymore today …


Im on day 3, played 3 games, still hasn’t registered my reward yet but the timer has restarted

(Kamperman) #11

I’m getting the same thing…I’m on the third day and it isn’t counting…


I figured out the problem, it doesnt run on the 24 hour clock uk time. Mine resets every day at 5pm (fuck knows why) but only registers between midnight and 5pm that day.

Im not sure about this tho, besides that its annoying

(_Silo) #13

The daily rewards worked fine for me up to day 5 and now on day 6, I won a match, pressed “Return” to main menu. Clicked on the “Claim” reward button. The progress bar loaded up, but I didn´t get the case.
No item in the inventory and in the status bar it shows like the item was claimed.

( I never really checked if the credits added up, but all of the cases before today opened)