Nitrado Admin Console Commands

(Serverdude) #1

Is there any way to turn FF on and off in console? Otherwise you have to turn server off to toggle it on and off. TIA, Dude

(ASD) #2

why would you toggle this mid game?
as far as i know you set it in the startup config

(Serverdude) #3

Not mid game. When majority of players decide they want a break, next match. That’s not the point though. The point is there are console commands for admin but they are not published anywhere. I know they exist because I other server admins are doing it. I’ve been taught how to do the FF on and off. Now hoping to learn the other admin console commands.

(Calisharp) #4

Not sure if you’re the same person that was asking about admin commands in the DB sub Reddit a couple weeks ago. I’ll post the link here anyway, just in case.

For FF on you’d type: admin servertravel ?friendlyfire=1
For FF off you’d type: admin servertravel ?friendlyfire=0

DB Admin Commands