Nice to see Steam adding more currencies.

(TheStrangerous) #1

Soon PLN will be available where I live, yay? Of course if prices remain the same, then I’m afraid I’l still resort to buy physical version in local stores, which is like 30% cheaper, compared to digital purchase.

How does it affect your currencies?

(AlbinMatt) #2

@TheStrangerous said:
How does it affect your currencies?

Our recent president is pulling some ballsy moves, and the economy is getting better, but paying for two weeks worth of groceries for a full retail priced slop made by EeyAy just doesn’t sound appealing.

Most of the retail stores here (like the physical ones) are super pricy, but the ones with digital downloadables legit sell pirates of a game. Basically, they would buy a digital game on Steam or Origin and such, and then sell them for like a tenth of the price to download. There would be enough buyers for them to make enough profit before the week ends.

(GatoCommodore) #3

dollar is currently at an all time high for this year and doesnt seem to be dropping anytime soon

(TheStrangerous) #4

Well… prices are still the same…

I suppose it’s to prevent other users from other countries, faking their location, just so they can buy stuff cheaper in foreign currencies.

Each country has different incomes and prices. So unified, international prices like that will never be fair… Correct me if I’m wrong, but Europeans pay more with EURO than Americans with USD?