New Wave Gaming

(BioHazzard831) #1

I have seen people from time to time posting requests in joining clans and such. Thing is, no one is really up to this anymore. People made a website,, to try to organize clans and matches since the stats site went down. Of course, no one did anything. Sooooo, I am hoping for this to come back and see if we can bring the Clans back to the Ark. Since theres forums everywhere like Splash Damage and Bethesda Forums, we will be having only 1 website to get together and organize everything and that is of course, It seems like this site has the most BRINK players out there. So please, if you want to join a clan or even create one and bring the clan system back to life, create an account and post. Don’t be shy. And I’m pretty sure this is only for PS3… If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Milly27 or CookieStein. Thank you!

(kingstonking) #2

I’m so envious of you right now. Have a good time man! best of luck

(sNakoo) #3

Is there a community website for Brink?

Like you have for wolfenstein : enemy territory which is