New user ? Can't see your messages ? Here's why.

(Eox) #1

Hello !

For those of you who just logged in for the first time, you might have noticed that your messages does not show up right of the bat. This is perfectly normal and here’s why : every single new users has to be validated by a moderator or an administrator before being able to post normally. In the meantime, their messages are hidden and have to be validated manually.

This has been put in place due to the forum’s history. We used to have a lot of issues involving bots spamming the forums with advertisements on a daily basis, which was incredibly annoying. That system since helped us a lot with those spam issues. We probably won’t remove it at all.

If you post for the first time, try to not spam and just wait for a moderator/administrator who will validate your messages. I personally try to check the forums multiple times a day so I can make sure that all new users are able to post as quick as possible. However, keep in mind that all messages breaking the community rules and guidelines or not written in english will not be validated. You can find the community rules and guidelines by following that link :

I wish you a good day on the official dirty bomb forums. :slight_smile: