New tutorial feedback

(Eox) #1

I’m going to cut off the small speak and make it as breif as possible : the new tutorial is an excellent entertainment, but really underwhelming at teaching newbies critical stuff such as :

  • Finishing downed enemies.
  • Medic basics (that were outright removed from the tutorial for whatever reason).
  • Repair stacking (EV repair is handled, but there’s no information about “repair conga” in the tutorial itself).
  • Prioritizing targets.

Removing the whole Aura part was a terrible move in my honest opinion, it should have been added as well. As for the objective play part, maybe it should introduce the player to Bushwhacker as well. A few video tutorials has been added to the game and do speak more about the correct way to play DB, but if so few players played the tutorial, don’t expect them to take a minute of their lives clicking on those tutorial videos, even if those are really fun to watch.

The humor of the tutorial was really on point. It was a pleasure playing through it. The CDA announcer has been given some more character as well which is always good. Sadly, that tutorial almost feels like it fails even more at teaching players basic stuff than the last ones (who was less fun for sure, but more informative thanks to the big medic part).

The current atmosphere of the tutorial definitely needs to stay, but you really need a dedicated part for each starter merc in order to shine. Don’t forget to speak about how important finishing up enemies and attacking the right persons in the right situations is.

(Jigstraw) #2

Longjumps are a feature unique to dirty bomb as far as I know, and aren’t mentioned anywhere. They should be bound to a single input (left alt is a good choice) by default to make explaining what they are and how to perform them in the tutorial easier, and there should be a small gap somewhere that requires a long jump to clear. Maybe a bit of the flooring gets blown away by the ev at the end of the escort when it fires its explosives, and the player has to longjump across it to reach the exit. The EV could dematerialize or sink down into the floor on a hydraulic platform like the one you use your airstrike on does, after firing its payload to make room for the player to build up the speed needed to longjump without worrying about EV collision getting in the way.

Walljumps aren’t mentioned anywhere either, but they’d be easy to include. Just add in a barricade that rises up from the floor at some point to block the player’s path, perhaps in the first hallway after the main lobby at the beginning of the tutorial. It only needs to be high enough that the player can’t get past it without walljumping.

The commander should explain how to walljump, that you can walljump twice in one go, and that walljumping is for navigating the map, not for the middle of combat, as it makes your weapon very inaccurate.

(Ptiloui) #3

Half-Life is the first game in which I saw longjumps being possible, even though I can’t tell for sure if this is the first game ever to include it. But I do agree that this feature, with walljumps, should be explained in tutorial, and not only in the Assault Course, in which it is only indicated by footprints on walls.

(kirinichiban42) #4

I do appreciate the overhauled visuals, but I like the feel of the old tutorial. The previous tutorial felt streamlined and a bit more in-depth than the current one (although there are those minor but crucial details needed like what Eox mentioned).

(Teflon Love) #5

And they were part of the tutorial. /nudge_nudge

(DB Genome editor) #6

So what happened to Proxy’s wrist there?!? No wonder she stood on the sideline and let us repair the damn EV :wink:

That glitch aside, like many others I like the overall style of the new tutorial, but I feel like it overlooks too many aspects of the game.

(Xenithos) #7

I can’t even play the new tutorial, it launches me into the old one every time.

((Pos2/3)) #8

They split up upon all player to try 1 and another only, to make comparation and to see the community feedbacks. So sad u didn’t get the new one. Shoe mention it in the weekly vids tho.

(Your worst knifemare.) #9

They said 1/2 will be able to use the new one, the rest are stuck with the old one for now.