New SP Map Release: Industrial Espionage

(W0lfMan) #1
|                                                |
|  Industrial Espionage: Threat Assessment       |
|                                                |
|  New mission for Return to Castle Wolfenstein  |
|   by Wolfman <>             |
|                                                |
|  Released 01 February 2013                     |
|                                                |


Place the df_threat.pk3 file in your Wolfenstein/Main directory, then boot Wolfenstein, open the console, and type /spmap df_threat to start playing.

The source file is included so you can see how the map was made and you can make your own changes. You do not need any permission to use ideas or any part of this map in your own work, nor to release any map you created based upon it.

Feel free to copy this download file to other servers!

=== OK, FINE. SCREENSHOTS :wink: ===


The year is 1943. Italy has just surrendered, but the rest of the world remains at war. The Office of Secret Actions orders that Agent B.J. Blazkowicz be sent on a spy mission to a German industrial facility. Until recently, this facility was unknown to Allied forces, therefore you are being sent in to assess its purpose and threat level.


You are ordered to infiltrate a newly-discovered German industrial facility whose purpose is as yet unknown. Your mission is to survey the complex and assess its purpose and threat level.

We know very little about this facility. Based on aerial surveillance of the site, it appears to be comprised of three levels: loading and shipping areas on the ground floor, and administrative offices on the top floor. We presume that the machine rooms are located beneath ground. It is the knowledge of the contents of these machine rooms that is most important to OSA.

If this facility is like others known to us, there will be a security system located in the KONTROLLPUNKT (Checkpoint) office. If so, it will be to your advantage to destroy the alarm control panel as soon as possible.

Explore the facility, terminate any resistance, access the lower-level machine rooms, and report back your findings.


I started working on this mission in September 2012, and had a beta test version by the end of December 2012. This is my first mission for Wolfenstein.

The play difficulty should be equivalent to the standard Wolfenstein missions. There is also some replay value in that there are different ways to play through the mission, so try different strategies in different areas.

The large machine room at the end is based on the Water Pumping station at the historic water tower in Chicago, Illinois.

There are three secret areas, and each one is harder to reach than the previous. The last secret area is quite challenging to access, though it can be reached without cheating! Don’t give up!

I appreciate the play testing and feedback given to me by the following people:

  • vicpas
  • ronboy
  • alexander
  • Tzs

(W0lfMan) #2


As stated earlier, the final secret area in the map is rather hard to reach. Therefore I am making a contest to see who can reach it first.

Contest Rules:
1.) You must figure out on your own how to reach the final secret area. This is the area that has some gold treasure bars.
2.) You must not use any cheat codes to get there, such as noclip or god mode.
3.) Once you have figured out how to get there, you must either make a video or type a detailed description of how you did it.
4.) Send this video or description (or both) to
5.) The first person who sends me a valid video or text description of how to do it wins the prize.
6.) Vicpas, since he has had a 6 days head start, gets a 6 days handicap. He may not submit a solution until February 6th.
7.) This contest ends on the Ides of March.

The contest winner will get to be the first person to play my next, upcoming Wolfenstein map that I am working on now.

Ready, Set, Go! :slight_smile:

(.Chris.) #3

Screenshots? Was going to say this in other thread but a wall of text isn’t best way to make people download a map. :slight_smile:

(tzs) #4

Nice work :slight_smile:
I share:

(Eugeny) #5


end screen

  1. last secret could not get without noclip

(vicpas) #6

Eugeny wrote:
last secret could not get without noclip
I write:
It is possible, think carefully.

(kost3k) #7
Izi. :smiley:
The second one was the hardest for me :stuck_out_tongue:

And I found a little bug. The first guard had no gun, and when I killed him with a knife, then he didn’t left any gun for me. But when he spotted me (kicked him in the ass :smiley: ), the gun appeared in his hands, lol

(ronboy) #8


And I found a little bug. The first guard had no gun, and when I killed him with a knife, then he didn’t left any gun for me. But when he spotted me (kicked him in the ass :smiley: ), the gun appeared in his hands, lol[/QUOTE]

This happens because the ai soldier wasn’t told to draw his gun when spawning, thus he only draws it when the player is spotted. But yes, that counts as a bug.

(W0lfMan) #9

That’s because he is dawdling around and not paying attention! His only mission in the game (in his life, really) is to stand there so Agent BJ can kick him and take his MP40.


end screen
I’m not sure how to fix the problem of the see-through banners. It happens on official map swf too (in the U-boat pen), I think.

Well at least I put the Download link early on in my wall.

Fair enough, I’ll put some screenshots.

(ronboy) #10

I finally got around to playing this map. It’s much better than the test version. I couldn’t find the 3rd secret area, even with /noclip. You have talent, Wolfman. I hope you make more maps in the future. :slight_smile:

(kost3k) #11

But when I killed him before he pulled a gun, nothing dropped.

(W0lfMan) #12

You need to give this poor guy some more time. He’s had a long day. He’s tired. He’s guarding a hallway that doesn’t get a lot of use.

If you come up to him and make a quick, clean kill, you’re going to be disappointed. He won’t even know what happened to him.

(kost3k) #13

:smiley: Yes, I know that :stuck_out_tongue: But it will be better if e.g. he will put the gun on the box and smoke some cigarette :smiley:
BTW nice map, Wolfman :slight_smile: I’ll be waiting for your new map :wink:

(W0lfMan) #14

Anyone found how to get to the third secret area yet? The contest is still on!

(kost3k) #15

I have wrote before:

Izi. :smiley:
The second one was the hardest for me :stuck_out_tongue:

But I’m not interested, and let the others get the prize :wink:

(W0lfMan) #16

No one else has submitted any contest solution to me except for vicpas, so vicpas wins! He will get to be the first to play my next map, which I have already started working on. It is another industrial-type map, but it will be better than this first one!

It will be some months until it is finished.

(ronboy) #17

Good for Vicpas. :smiley:

I still haven’t found the third secret area. You have hidden it well, Wolfman. About your next map, maybe make it a continuation of this one, or something like that. A map pack takes longer to make, but the gameplay lasts longer than with single maps. Just a suggestion. :slight_smile:

(kost3k) #18

The third one is in the last big room :wink:

(ronboy) #19

Thanks for the tip. :wink:
I should be able to find it now.

(W0lfMan) #20

It’s a vent, but it’s way up high so you’ll need to think about how to reach it.

All the secret areas in this map are vents. I need to diversify for next time. :slight_smile: