New Player from Steam release of keys

(vastLion) #1

I love the game, felt like I was right back in Wolfenstein MP earlier today. I truly like what Splash did with Enemy Territory(not QW).

This evening it has been nothing but aimbotting. Extremely frustrating facing a team entirely made up of snipers to which the only counter so far has been frags and suicide runs with mines. It’s at the point another player kills you and they’re locked dead on to the corpse for the finish or to any deployables.

As far as this anti-cheat program it has caused the game to close out twice with no window or explaination, and a few errors initially. But obviously it’s not looking for what it should be.

If you haven’t seen what I’m talking about, just wait. You’ll see games where the losing team is in the 5k basically farming kills while the opposing has one person near 20k and the rest sub 2k.

I can only imagine this is even more apparent to those who have been in the closed beta longer.