New obsidians

(Flong) #1

I feel like stokers gotten the short end of the stick here in the new obsidians. All he got changed was his mask but fletcher and arty both got major reskins. also his loadout card is absolutely trash. I still bought it because I love stoker but i still that Stokers been ****ed here.

(Mustang) #2

Arty’s card is worse, Stoker’s is at least useable.

(-bacon-) #3

Very few of the obsidian cards, including Founder’s cards, have good loadouts. It’s the trade-off for looking so good I suppose.

(AssortedStuff) #4

I’m guessing the reason they make paid loadouts ‘not good’ is because players would start screaming that Dirty Bomb is “Pay To Win”.
You pay for the cosmetics. I’m cool with that.