New Mercenary Ideas for Dirty Bomb

(Handukken) #1

Hello Everyone!

So I was playing this amazing game and something came across my mind. This game has no air-combat related things. So I thought to myself, why not make a mercenary that controls a drone? So I wrote down a rough idea I had, and I was wondering what you guys think, and if there is some way we can improve/change this Idea into a better version. Anyways, here it is:

Merc Name: Jeff. (He does not have to be named Jeff, it is only a suggestion for a fitting name).

Jeff is an irish engineer in his 30’s. He would have a hot temper and be relatively short (for male hitbox variation).

His Primary Ability (Q) is a Drone. He can activate this drone and his point of view will change to a controllable drone he can fly around with and shoot and deal minor damage with mini machineguns on each side of the machine (about 7 dmg per bullet). You would control this drone with WASD and your mouse button, like if you were to fly a helicopter in a another video game. The Drone should have a smaller hitbox and have around 50-75 hp, and spot enemies from above. Jeff should be able to press the Q button again to switch his point of view back to himself. Then the drone will stay in the air and be absolutely useless. He will then have to wait around 5 seconds before he can control the drone again. If the drone is destroyed the cooldown would switch to 40-60 seconds. If Jeff is controlling the drone, he will not be able to control his regular character (if not Q is pressed again), which means he can be an easy kill for other mercs.

Jeff should also have an E ability, Self-Destruct. With self-destruct he can press E while in the Drone’s POV, and it will then take 3 seconds (which you can use to fly down to nearby enemies) before the drone will explode in a small area, similar to Proxy’s mines. The cooldown of the Q ability (Drone) would then be reset to 40-60 seconds.

Jeff would also have a third ability, Recall (tied to the F key). If he presses Recall the drone will then fly back to Jeff, which takes time depending on how far away the drone is. If the drone is destroyed while recalling, the cooldown will be reset to 50 seconds. However, if the Drone reaches jeff, it will regain full health and the cooldown will be lowered to 10 seconds.

Loadout Cards:

Jeff’s primary weapons should be Ahnuhld-12, Hollunds 880 & Hochfir.

As for the Secondary Weapons, I believe the Tølen MP, Caulden & Simeon.357 would be good.

The Melee Weapons I do not mind, as long as Jeff can have a Kukri I’ll be happy.

So, now that I’ve told you guys my suggestion of a new merc, I’d love to hear all of your Ideas!

(I am aware that an already existing thread of this topic might exist, but Im retarded and couldnt find the search button so I thought why not make a new one)

(Chronicler) #2

I think there can be tons of ideas for fun mercs (non-human ones also).

Why even bother with Jeff? Why not a robot that have the ability to become a drone for a while? Or make Jeff a cyborg (maybe he lost his legs and arms in a freak accident or some ****) that can turn into a drone.

I also had tons of ideas before, never bothered to write them down though.

Good that you are trying though.

(Szakalot) #3

its a nice idea. We had a drone wielding merc in ETQW (self destruct kamikaze) and it worked really well. Dont see why it couldnt work in DB. hp would have to be lower though, more of an ambush/harass drone, less up in enemy’s face

(Ecano) #4

Different sort of maps, DB are not complete draw when you see from top like ETQW. Probably limiting the height…

(pHine4s) #5

I want a medic being able to make spawn hosts of dead bodies!
background story irrelevant.

(Szakalot) #6

[QUOTE=phineasfreak;566346]I want a medic being able to make spawn hosts of dead bodies!
background story irrelevant.[/QUOTE]


it could easily be some half-serious slasher movie inspired character