New Mercenary idea- Mace

(the_cool_master) #21

Thanks, I like the idea of a limited ammo like maybe 150 200? then once Its all used up the gun will automatically self-destruct something like that. The guns can be changed to whatever but for the spirit of the old days of dirty bomb i will keep it the same but other then that I love the idea of limited ammo for balance.

(the_cool_master) #22

I would need to think more on the secondary ability but thank you for the suggestion!

(Your worst knifemare.) #23

Plays the soviet anthem as lord Tachanka blesses the turret, giving anyone using it +10 health

(Mr.Cuddlesworth) #24

Second ability could be a grenade launcher attachment to the turret that fires a single grenade that has the same damage as a Fletcher sticky, but with a longer cooldown.

(Press E) #25

If the gun is going to have the same DPS as a normal MG then honestly you might as well just gun down your target instead of using the grenade, at least if you’re keeping the sticky’s low range and splash damage output.
Adding an explosive to the turret might not be the best idea though, you already have very little reaction time to take someone out on an MG, and a grenade would give you even less against someone who can time it right.

I was mostly suggesting a secondary ability to make the merc more interesting to play while on cooldown though. Since the grenade launcher would be dependent on the turret being deployed, it wouldn’t be any use otherwise, and we’d be stuck with another bush/turtle/javelin/skyhammer/etc merc who has a long cooldown and nothing to supplement them while they’re waiting for it to regenerate, so they end up being kinda boring. That’s even worse when your ability is an MG that you can’t even move on as opposed to an RPG

(Mr.Cuddlesworth) #26

I meant it fired like one of Nader’s nades but does the damage of a sticky.