New Mercenary Concept - Gibbie ( hybrid role )

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Age - 19.
**Ethnicity -**White, british.
favorite beverage - Good 'ol cuppa! ( duh ).
Nationality - British ( Northern ).
Class - Anti-Medic, Support. ( hybrid ).
Height - Between 4’5 and 5’2,
this would provide her a lower center of gravity, faster speed and be more suited to fast pace free-running.
Build - Gibbie would be toned / athletic.
HP - 85-95
Speed - 450-465

Profile -

Gibbie grew up in a broke down part of england, didn’t have a lot of money but managed to find
unconventional methods of creating currency ( hacking ). Ended up going onto study the sciences and
after the war / apocalpyse, used these skills to develop her own brand of nano tech with the help of
phoenix before his call to arms.
She didn’t quite master the craft and so her tech is not as powerfull as it could have been ( for balance, and to keep her as a hybrid type merc ).
Some Sayings
( Feel free to ignore these, thought of them pretty quickly ).
“What goes up - won’t with me around.”
“GIB GIB GIB GIB GIB” hysterical Gibbie as she #1’s
“Stairs are for normies”
“Stick the kettle on would ya’”
“A brew or two will see this through”
“Oops, i gib’d 'em again!” - oops i did it again reference.

Appearance -

! Her texture ( skin etc ) would be more leaned towards speed, and parkour ( the secondary ability would
! be used in conjunction with wall jumps for negated fall damage, which helps explain the need for less baggy clothing and lack of armor ). similar to proxy, but more athletic / less baggy clothing,
! and of course, no engineer tools.

Ability 1 - K0-CL0UD

Gives the ability to release a ‘mist/cloud’ of nano bot’s ( seen as nano particles or similar to phoenix’s ability ) can be directed as seen with Kira’s laser, but has a similar radius as Redeye’s smoke. Enemies in this vicinity, if downed will be instantly gibbed, those alive will have a slightly slower movement speed and cannot regenerate health / take small amounts of damage over time to prevent health regen.

Cooldown - 27 seconds - can be moved up to two times during it’s activity.
**Duration -**lasts for up to 20 seconds, can be destroyed with explosives, phoenix’s healing ability or guardians revive station ( both destroyed ).

[ EDIT ]

An alternate, better version of this ability could be deployed similarly. Enemies downed will be insta-gibbed, health stations would be non-functional during the duration of the ability ( around 20 seconds, unless ‘cleared’ with Phoenix’s nano-bots, or a explosive ( not grenades or frags ).). Health regeneration would be halted for 10 seconds after exposure, after this the normal delay will start, and then health would begin to regenerate. Players exposed would cough loudly, this would be usefull to mask ally footsteps / detect an enemy(s).

Ability 2 - Nano-Drive / Blink / Port / JUM-P

Allows the player to ‘jump’ to a location ( i’d say around 1.5-2.5 long jumps distance ) requires pre charging to use, can be charged whilst sprinting but gives a shorter ‘jump’. Leaves a golden trail so as to ( or for team colour’s sake blue/red trail, particles similar to Phoenix’s health pulse ) identify which direction she has ‘jumped’.
Cooldown - 7 - 12 seconds depending on distance/max possible distance

  • with perk - 5 - 9 seconds, player accumulates charge for her nanotech whilst jumping / in air.

Ability 3 - Spare-Clip?

The mercenary has a unique passive ability to hold an extra clip when fully restocked on ammo ( up to two clips ), this is unavailable to the player and will be dispensed to the nearest ally with no ammo, provides a full clip, regardless of gun.

Weapons -

Primary -
New Bullpup assault rifle will have statistics inbetween the
range of the SMG-9 and Hochfir - very light, fast reload.

Secondary -

New 3 round burst pistol, weaker than Caulden but stronger than M9
( not sure on balancing so i won’t use specific stats ).

Melee -

Uses her ‘Nano gloves’ which could indicate a charging with particles emitting from glove,
or a glow that occurs during melee. Base damage of 40.

Rarer cards ( gold, cobalt, obsidian, special ) have the chance of giving
a different melee ability which allows short
range attacks called a ‘Gib-burst’ this is a directed attack which launches
said ‘nano bots’ towards an enemy ( could be seen as electric spark? ),
dealing damage equal to half of her current health,
until a minimum of 35, maximum of 50.

Perks -

Air-time - Time spent jumping / falling reduces the cooldown of her secondary ability
Overclocked - a boost to her primary ability, for example increased time of regen stalling and coughing


Her nano equipment is slightly faulty and so she has a distinctive look, leaving behind a slight trail ( nanobots that seem to leak from her equipment). Her abilities also have a slight chance to fail first time around, she would give an audible cue such as a curse or angry snarl / growl when this happens, will require 1-2 seconds wait before retry. This merc would receive slightly reduced fall damage due to her experience with ‘parkour’ / augmented boots that help absorb some kinetic energy when falling.
I have a lot more i could add to this - if you where to actually take this idea further i would love to share the rest of my ideas for Gibbie.



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Feel free to add me up for games / discussion.

I would truly love for Gibbie to make it into the game.

Stay Dirty!

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First of all “Rarer cards ( gold, cobalt, obsidian, special ) have the chance of giving a different melee ability” NO. Rarer cards will never give anything besides just skins, it will break the whole Dirty Bomb system. Anyway the Merc sounds cool I like the 2nd abillity, I do dislike the first one since I hate when Damage overtime shows up, itll be just annoying and players will hate it and doesnt really fit Dirty Bomb in my opinion, Slower Movement sounds way too op because Movement is a key in dirty bomb and requires skill to master, The 1st abillity is a no from me :3 not that it matters lol

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Rarer card idea:

Yeah that was just a little idea i had, would give more of an incentive to get rarer cards instead of just for aesthetics if you know what I mean.

Reviewing the primary ability:

The damage over time wouldn’t be that strong, it would gib a downed player instantly but could only provide enough damage to stop health normal health regeneration, maybe it could just stop health regeneration altogether for a specific period of time. Ideally it would also prevent health stations from working.

Slower movement:

nothing too strong, maybe a 10%-15% speed reduction depending on the merc’s health