New Merc[Unnamed]

(NuclearCats) #1

I am not creative enough to make up a name for him, but these are his stats:

Speed|Health: 400|100
A Unique Compressed Air Powered Crossbow Sniper.
8 Shot Magazine
Individually loaded (Like the Shotguns)
Does Slightly more damage than a sniper
Weak Sniper Scope (1.33 times)
Selbadst 40. (I cant spell it)

Cricket Bat
Stiletto Stilnotto
Kurri (However it is spelled)

PLA Shatter (PRE Loaded Ammo Shatter):
He Powers his weapon, loading all of the left in the magazine into the barrel and shatter’s it, causing the gun to become a close range behemoth. doing devastating close range damage, and with heavy falloff to almost no damage when it reaches it’s normal range.

In his Belief that London was about to be subject to nuclear bombing, he moved to America to continue developing his CAP_C Sniper, (Compressed Air Powered_Crossbow Sniper) when his beliefs came true he finished developing his weapon, once word got out of Merc Serv, and with many joining in and fighting in the London streets, he sent them a message.

4 Years later, He was able to finish the PLA Shatter Technology for the CAP_C Sniper, Merc Serv was finally able to contact him as his weapon was exposed to the CEO of Merc Serv. Knowing that they would allow him into the program, he moved into the area around the London Fallout, Ready to get Paid.

(hawkeyeguy99) #2

I like the idea of a crossbow. But maybe add it in as his special? Like Rhino and Nader?

(BushWanker) #3

I love everything about this guy. I hope SD reads your post, maybe we could call him “Archer”?

(yesser) #4

giving him only one prim is a bad idea make it an abilty that would refill over time could be alot better and for the weapon i would suggest a grandeur or assault rifle since he can snipe with his abilty (second thought maybe that would be op ) and maybe even q for the abilty and e to change from close range to long range
just rondom idea to maybe improve the merc

(Dysfnal) #5

I think shotguns would be good primaries, and the bow would be an ability, I would also get rid of the shotgun ability n such

(Dysfnal) #6

Name suggestions I have

Not my most clever (cleverest?) names (I have much better ones, such as Bastille, Turner, Eagle, etc. Eagle hasn’t been posted so don’t bother searching)

(NuclearCats) #7

So I think the Idea of a shotgun as his primary and the Sniper Crossbow like nader’s grenade launcher. where the ammo would be a stacked ability. it would have 8 shots, and it would have a 7 second cooldown, the other ability Would have a really long cooldown, or do little damage for a short cooldown.

(yesser) #8

how about a double pistol like sparks ? (just a rondom idea) but that would necessite faster coulddown for normal shot and maybe longer for shatter or maybe make it as sparks revivr that the shatter will make his abilty go to full cooldown like sparks rvivr when over heated

(NuclearCats) #9

[quote=“yesser;195905”] maybe even q for the abilty and e to change from close range to long range
just rondom idea to maybe improve the merc [/quote]
I think a long range and short range mode would work, maybe each would have a variant, like a short range like the original ability I wanted, but the long ranged variant should be like a grenade both would be weak, but would be a nuisance. The weapon should be like rhino’s minigun, intended to be used like a primary, (I hope so.) anyways, he should have a weaker primary to compensate, or a weapon that doesn’t work, (like Rhino + Shotgun) I was thinking similar to

maybe like the dual barettas from CSGO, a long reload, fast firing, low damage, weapon. How I use it is, run in and mash mouse 1 until Nuclear Cats comes in the kill feed.

(Dysfnal) #10

Oooooo I really like Archangel as a name for this guy… Also, MPs as primaries would work for this

(NuclearCats) #11

ill repost this with Archangel as the name, with all of the fixes I and everyone has mentioned.
I really like the name too