New Merc suggestion

(Fyzher) #1

Today i came up with a suggestion for a new merc. I don’t about his name you decide it, let me tell about his abilities, His role will be support, his first ability is riot shield which can be used for about 10-20 seconds cuz more than that it will be op, the shield is breakable on explosives like grenades but the merc won’t die only his shield will be broke. his 2nd ability may be C4 explosive which will detonate remotely, this c4 should have some more damage radius than the fletcher’s bomb. like 3 or 4 of this c4 explosive can disable a ev.


remove c4 give him ammo.
Supports give ammo thats their stuff

(Mr-Penguin) #3

Why are there so many riot shield mercs…

If he’s a fire support, then the shield should be removed and replaced with ammo.

(PoliceOfficer15) #4

if you’ve seen the trailer on dirty bomb, they use this wierd type of shield… idk what merc has this, but i’ve never seen it in action D:

(Mr-Penguin) #5

The merc’s name is Turtle.