[New Merc] Static

(Cordyceps) #1

Merc Name: Static
Real Name: Alex Basileios
Gender: Male
Nationality: Greek

Class: Fire Support
HP: 120
Speed: 390

Ability #1: Static Field
Cooldown: 45 seconds
The static field has a small-medium radius around it that slows down enemy mercs movement speed by 10%

Ability #2: Chain Blaster
Cooldown: 8 seconds
The chain blaster is a weapon designed to deal small amounts of damage to multiple enemies. After the first hit, electricity will branch out and damage all mercs within a 3 meter radius if the merc, performing a chain. Each shot fired by the blaster can chain up to twice, but the same merc can not be hit multiple times by the same chain. The initial hit deals 20 damage, with damage halving with each chain. This gun has no headshot multiplier.

Primaries - Blishlock, SMG 9, Hochfir
Secondaries - M9, Tolen MP, Simeon
Melees- Butterfly Knife, Stilnotto, Beckhill