New Merc: Skull

(DK69) #1

First Name: Skull
Nationality: Germany
Class: assault
Age: 38
HP: 200
Speed: 350
History: Former German soldier who had been summoned as a youth who was 23 at the time, and joined the American Special Forces (FEA), to help him fight against terrorist cells, and this lasted a long time for 7 years , until he asked to withdraw from the service he rendered to the American Government.

I remove the text to remake the story and explain it better. When only time will tell

Skills: M134 minigun / pressing Q

  • It takes minigun with 2000/2000 or 6000/6000
    Skill 2: AA-12 / Pressing E
  • AA-12 carrying 300/300 bullet, contains bullets that can pierce the shield of a tank
    Skill 3: Ammo generator / Automatically
  • The generator produces ammunition for both main weapons for M134 and AA-12 carries 1 time each (if you spend all AA-12 ammo, the generator will give you 1 ammount refill, you will have to wait 20s for the first recharge, the second will have to wait another 20s to load again, advised to spend all the bullets on the first refill).
  • I researched better on the two weapons and refit the ammo generator

(The skills that are on the poster can change).

Skull has unusual strength and endurance, he has no difficulty carrying one or two weapons on the shore.

Main weapon: K-121, FN SCAR and G-36.
Secondary weapon: .44 Magnum, DE .50 and Mini Draco AK47 Pistol
Melee:Beckhill Combat Knife, Ax, and Baseball Bat

The two pictures were made different dates. - _-

The weapon AA-12 the one that the terry actor uses in the first film
of the Mercenaries at the end of the film.
see the link below to see.

Make it clear I like the game and I intend to release some mercenary
without purpose, only for amusement, not trying to gain anything from it.

(evo888) #2

interesting, although the ammo generator should probably go, maybe the minigun too, make him just use the AA12 as some kind of heavy-automatic-shotgun with 12 shots, change his health and speed to that of Rhino, and make him a frontline pointman, these changes would probably make him fit in better

also, what loadout weapons does he use?

(Mr-Penguin) #3

Ok, why is this so unnecessarily edgy? The backstory, the (rather disproportionate) character design that doesn’t fit with the general merc aesthetic at all…

Disregarding that, from a gameplay standpoint, his abilities don’t make sense. For one, they both used ammo rather than a normal cooldown for some reason, the ammo generator is Javelin’s, but even worse, and he literally has Rhino’s minigun, which I’m pretty sure chews through 200 ammo in seconds.

If I had to fix all of this, I’d nix the minigun and ammo generator, give the auto shotgun a proper cooldown and go from there. I’m pretty sure the movespeed ratio is a tad off as well, since Rhino has 200 HP and 360 movespeed.

And if you’re gonna suggest loadout card weapons, for the love of god, make them actual weapons ingame. Randomly inserting real-life weapons with no statistical references doesn’t mean jack to me and the other regulars around here.

(DK69) #4

At first I did the photoshop sketch. I do not have a digital table to draw my sketch, I drew using the mouse and it takes me much longer than 4 or 5h to make everything right, and I spend my free time to practice and improve my drawings.
And secondly I do by doing I do not care if the developers will like it or not, they can change the story they can change the character, AND I DO NOT CARE EVEN WHY THEY GIVE IT WHAT TO DO. UNDERSTOOD
And sorry I forgot to put in the posts, that I do this to help MAYBE, I do not care if they will like it or not, understood.
My story I wrote may be a little bad does not make sense, because I’m not a good writer I admit, I think it’s good that someone says that the text is bad and needs to improve this text. Thank you it would help a lot to try to improve the story more, and I get draws well more I have difficulty creating a story to explain it, because I am human I mistake sometimes.

(DK69) #5

And last thing I’m just a DB fan and I do not help to get anything, and I will not explain why.

(arharr3) #6

Pure comedy gold. This isnt about how “good” or “bad” your drawings are , its about the whole concept you made.

Maybe you think there is a synergy between between his abilitys , but thats just wrong. Infact , if he was put ingame as you imagine him he would be considered a worst pick for the assaults.

Minigun: rhino’s minigun fires 30 bullets/s. So with 200 ammo you can fire 6,66s before having to wait 20-40s (the explanation you wrote isnt exactly clear). Compare that to rhino’s cooldown, which is both shorter and can even be prevented from triggering by simply taking short breaks between shots.

AA-12: 40 shell shotgun? Either overpowered af or it shoots small beans. Go think of some stats.

All your weapons: Give exact stats. What’s the difference between the M4 and the G36? Whats the difference between the Selbstadt.40 and the Five Seven? What’s the difference between javelins combat axe and skulls axe?

Also: your design is very edgy and gives off the vibe of a bland sadistic psycho/elite soldier without any personality. Plus it doesnt fit DBs style. Plus for a 200hp merc his hitbox is too small.

(DK69) #7

Thank you for your opinion, I will try to redo the post and try to change some things that made me think better about the two arming that the skull has, to make it much clearer.

(evo888) #8

message taken down

(Da_Mummy) #9

Now I feel like an edgelord just admitting to be German after this concept. And people wonder why I made a post about those not thought out merc concepts.