[New merc] Shepherd

(GenericName232) #1

This is my first merc concept so the stats might be a little off


Class - Engineer
HP - 110
Speed - 400

Cooldown - 45 seconds
Duration - Until destroyed
Shepherd deploys a drone to protect himself and allies. Buddy is a ground drone with 95 health and a speed of 375, its gun has an RPM of 822 and deals 4 damage per shot (both the same as Bushwhackers turret) Buddy is deployed like a turret or ammo station and after being deployed will follow Shepherd until he is destroyed or until Shepherd dies at which point Buddy will stop until Shepherd approaches Buddy again or he is destroyed. Buddy is affected by Phantom’s EMP.

Objective specialist
Repair disarm yadda yadda

Yes I am aware this is basically Bushwhacker if he put wheels on his turret

(sgtSZKLARZ) #2

What weapons will he have?

(GenericName232) #3

@sgtSZKLARZ said:
What weapons will he have?

I’m gonna go with the Hochfir, SMG-9 and the Ahnuld.