New Merc: Railer

(SunofHell) #1

Name - Railer
Class - Fire Support
Health - 130
Speed - 400
Gender - Male (voice)
Country of Origin - Ukraine
Age - 50 Years

Profile- Extreamly smart ex soviet scientist was working on Railgun project. After collapse of Sovietunion he was hired by TRIFOLD to continue reseach on his Railgun. Now his in London to test out his new toy.


1 portable Railgun -

Cooldown: 45 to 60 seconds

Charching of the Railgun:
2 seconds min. 8 seconds max.
3 sec. oneshoting 80Hp Mercs
5 sec. one shoting 200HP Mercs
8 sec. the Railgun is capable of destroying the EV in one Shot.
Whilest the Railgun is charching it behaves like Rhinos Minigun with extreme reduced movement speed.

2 Ammo Packs

Like Skyhammer and Arty

Hurtsall 2K/Hollunds 880/Crotzni
M9/Simeon .357/Hoigat .224
Beckhill/Stilnotto Stilleto/Kukri

(Mr-Penguin) #2

Because I’m definitely going to stand around for 8 seconds charging a railgun to kill the EV when I can just toss an airstrike marker on it. Totally…

And if I want to actually kill someone with this thing, I have to wait 5 seconds with Rhino movement speed with it. Guess what’s gonna happen during that 5 seconds? You’ll die. And if you miss, “Sorry bud! Wait another 55 seconds before you can maybe kill someone with this, provided they don’t just rush your exposed ass and headshot you to oblivion!”

Railguns are cool, but this particular suggestion for it is criminally underpowered. I would suggest shorter charge, lower damage, shorter CD, and multiple charges to fire. Maybe wall penetration too, to give this guy something the other fire supports don’t have (non-LOS ability).