New Merc [Pegajoso]

(MaddMann3) #1

“You’re in a sticky situation, Si?”

Name: Pegajoso (“Sticky” in spanish)
Age: 21
Nationality: Spanish

Health: 110
Speed: 460

Role: Fire Support

Profile: Once working with the G.E.O, he retired, he specialized in using a special Sticky Launcher, he remade it with his own crude materials. Launching out pills that stick to any surface it touches. After he was up for hire, Jackal recruited Pegajoso to make cause, and effect.

Ability 1: S.L.
Damage: 30
Cooldown: 20 secs

The S.L launches out pellets that stick to a surface, detonating on command. He can only have 2 out at a time, and takes 2 seconds to detonate after activation. It is incapable to sticking onto enemies. The launcher has 4 shots before needing to recharge. The pellets fly through the air with no resistance, allowing him to launch pellets far. It’s all about timing with this weapon.

Ability 2: Ammo Station

His own ammo runs out fast, and others’ too, he holds an Ammo Station to keep suppressing fire, and keep the heat of battle going.

Weakness: He requires exquisite timing in order to be the most effective, he can pretty much hold his own, but he’s the most effective with his team, via the Ammo Station, take him out when he’s reloading between Shots.



Cricket bat
Beckhill Combat Knife

Sample lines:
“Ve! Ve! Ve!”
“Launching stickies!”
“Buen tiro!”
“Suppressing fire!”
“Lock and load hombres!”
“Gracias doctor.”

(Demonic_Muff1n) #2

this merc wouldn’t be a very popular idea, not that the merc is overpowered. Just that people would probably prefer fletcher over this merc cause he’s sorta like a weaker version of fletcher. Yes he can launch the grenades over a far distance but so can fletcher, the player needs to simply build enough momentum to throw it far enough. Also the dmg isn’t much and fletcher’s sticky bombs do a lot more dmg. Perhaps if you could increase the blast radius that would be more helpful. Also this guy moves too fast for a fire support merc, most fire support mercs speed range around 400 (except for kira who’s sprint is at 440 but thats cause of her 90 hp).

(MaddMann3) #3

True, it’s a bit like fletcher, but also like Nader, I had to make it like this in order to keep it even, otherwise it’ll end up like a nader that shoots stickies, or a fletcher with a grenade launcher. He’s fast because he has good cardio, tbh, I don’t know why a fire support has to be slow. Of course he has a larger blast radius, I just forgot to put it in there when I did.

(Da_Mummy) #4

Sounds like a mix of Fletcher, Phoenix and the TF2 Demobuddy.
Even though this sounds good in theory it would just be like a merc for people beeing like “Oh I wish fletcher could throw his stickies further”
Sorry but I don’t think that people would spend precious Credits on something that is just a hybrid of some sort that doesn’t have a new concept going.

(CyberVonCyberus) #5

30 damage for a weapon like that with only 2 grenades active, 2 secs activation ( more than enough to run away) and only 4 bombs in the mag ? that’s simply a fletcher downgrade

(MaddMann3) #6

Tbh I was running out of ideas, and started to get desperate, I tried to make these 2 and thought they would work, only thing I got out of it was being chewed out, but I’m being more careful, and try to think up of my OWN ideas, instead of just remade Mercs.