[NEW MERC] Meta - It's dirty time ! -

(Unicornivore) #1

Meta is quite strange so it’s just an idea to develop and that’s why am posting this on a forum
Note : Sorry for all english mistakes, we’re not that good in France ^^

Hope you guys enjoy ! I will try to be direct :smile:

Health - 50
Speed - 500

First ability - Feeding
Meta simply finish an enemy on the ground to restore his life, like a medpack (not instantly like the Phoenix ability)

Second ability - Growing
Meta interact with a downed enemy while something like 5 seconds. If he succeeds, he’ll get max HP+20 and lose some speed (I haven’t calculated so let’s say he lose 20 of speed). He should have a limit of 210HP to not be overcheated, even if he’ll be quite slow at this time.

Primary weapon - what about an automatic shotgun ? AA12 style ?
Secondary weapon - SMG or pistol, classic
Melee weapon - A FORK !!

I want Meta to be like a small tank who must go feeding at the start of the party with a phoenix to help him killing some people or even revive him if he dies. Like that, we could have some kind of a rhino who will be, at a certain level, capable of surviving alone (using his ‘Feeding’ ability).
The automatic shotgun would be useful to start when he will be weak. He could hunt some alone prey (like a phantom) and assure a kill with the shotgun.

TADA tis done, things I will say now are only details so you can stop here if you’re tired :stuck_out_tongue: thanks for reading !

So now for the people still here (thanks again by the way), about the automatic shotgun. I want it to be REALLY useful like as fast as a pistol and maybe 30 damage per shot to be able to kill people like skyhammers easily.
BUT I don’t want it overpowered so I thought maybe 4 ammo per magazine ? 2 in the head still kill, we still have a clean kill and if we missed one shot we still have our pistol and most importantly our FOOOORK.

Oh yeah and the fork is unuseful. I just found it funny, especially with Meta.

About the role of Meta, I will think like Meta is in-game and already real to say that. My only fear about him is that I don’t want people to just go solo with him, feed alone et bam become a boss like in Heroes Of The Storm and full team 360 noscope.
I still want Dirty Bomb to be teamplay so I want Meta as a character to protect at the beginning AND at the end. And I’m saying this about the feeding ability because I don’t know if in-game, this is a good idea.
But admitting he’s OP and not too much, it seems clear enough Meta should have the same role as Rhino.

Last note to those who loves reading this article (thanks mummy and eventually someone :smiley: ), Meta is a biiiig risk on field.
Why am I saying that ? Because his ability is about finishing people, which means those people still can be revived before Meta get’em. The perfect nemesis of Meta will sure be Sparks, who could just revive them in front of him and kill him like an Aura on the EV.
This is the only way I think Meta will work : his teamnates MUST let him some downed ennemy and eventually guard them to be sure they are not revived. It will be hard, but a fork with 210HP should be worth it isn’t it ? :stuck_out_tongue:
(or maybe distance growing ? who knows if it is better)

Others idea ! Maybe everytimes he grows it takes more time ? Maybe he can moves the downed ennemy ? Maybe killing people with the fork start automatically the Feeding AND Growing ability ?

Now it’s up to you guys :’)

(Mr-Penguin) #2

50 health initially? You’ll pretty much be killed instantly by everything. I think 75 would be a bit better.

(TheVulpesFox) #3

Interesting idea. A very different play style I think, focusing on dead bodies initially, but looks pretty cool.

(Unicornivore) #4

Yeah, all the number are purely random so I just said 50 to make people understand he’s weak but 75 would be pretty good, or even 80 like a medic.

(HunterAssassin5) #5

when i saw the first ability, i’ll admit, i thought it was a joke thread XD
the fork part was legit funny, tho, have a LOL

also i checked something else other than the abilities for the first time. the primary weapon to be exact. ive been playing a lot of stoker recently, tend to try spraying the AK a but too much when facing more than 1 person and/or further than mid range. usually in 1v1s i can easily kill my opponent with AK fire and 20% reload speed perk, and kuhkri them before they finish crumpling to the ground

anyways i think an auto-shotty is a bit much. i like my shotties, in case you cant tell, but i have a feeling auto-shotties will have their damage per hit lowered to face the high fire rate, which i do not want.