New Merc: Merlin

(DK69) #1

Name: Merlin
Nationality: Russian Federation
Height: 1.76
Class: Recon
HP: 100
Speed: 470
Merlin is a Russian professional assassin who is hired by CDA to do secret missions that are sent to her more over time she gave up working for CDA and entered another secret organization that was interested in her work but was cheated by her and ended up dying for a mission to kill a member of another organization, who without any information of its target and ended up being surprised that her target was a superhuman …

Skill 1: Double Daggers
It uses the two daggers simultaneously fast without giving the enemy the chance to attack, and the damage is doubled with this attack. The damage of the two daggers is much stronger together.
Damage caused by Daggers: (The two Daggers have the same damage done by the katana multiplied by two, since it attacks with both Daggers simultaneously, I can not tell how much Damage it would cause to the enemy

Skill 2: Explosive Knives
It has 6 knives inside them it carries small explosives capable of exploding in contact with any object. (If Merlin hits his target with the knives it would explode practically, but if he fails to hit the target he will explode anyway.)

Damage caused by Explosive Knives: +85 Damage each.
Cooling time: 8s

Main Weapons: Dreiss AR, Hochfir SMG and KEK-10
Secondary Weapons: Selbstadt .40, M9 and DE .50
Melee: Knife, Cricket Bat and Stilnotto Stiletto

I still have not finalized the sketch yet has detail that I have not yet put in it.
If you have any questions leave us in the comments
See you later

(Demonic_Muff1n) #2

we need more specifics for the daggers and the explosive daggers as to what damage they deal and their cooldowns’