New Merc [Lead]

(sangrexlol98) #1

Class - Assault

Hp - 120 or 110

Speed - 400 or 420

He was veteran soldier who want some fun

Ability - Rack´em Up (Duplicate your primary)

Colddown - 20 seg

Duration - 12 seg

(Increase you rate fire by 20%, reload speed by 5% and spread recovery by 10%,increase spread 25% and less health by
med pack or health station by 15% yep some balanced)

Primary - Simeon, M9 ,DE. 50

Secondary - Smjüth & Whetsman , Tølen MP and Empire-9

Melee - Stilnotto Stiletto , Beckhill Combat Knife and Kukri

If you want to change something, say it

(Da_Mummy) #2

sounds a lot like a Cowboy in DB Format. Sounds fun in theory and would maybe be a good idea if he was either an engineer or fire support. He could basically be the engie/fire support equivalent of sparks but as an assault alone pretty flat. He also might Need an idea for ironsighting with dual weapons.

(sangrexlol98) #3

You don’t need ironsighting,because is close range in right hand he can be a killer machine,and engineer could be good idea

(sangrexlol98) #4

Dirty bomb is a game who you need keep moving so he can move faster with theses dual weapons like 97.5% ( these require some aim you can help you team mates killing those bastard more faster than other cowboy so you don’t need go alone carry (15% less health is not so big)


Honestly if the character were to be a fire support or engineer then the movement speed should be slower. I think it is fine as-is but I unfortunately dislike dual-wielding mercs.