(Chris_sleiman) #1

Name: John “inferno” Wolf
Class: assault
Speed: 390

I’m not going to write his story cause i’m focusing more on the concept .

_Ability # 1 : flame thrower
_Cooldown and duration : works a little bit like rhino’s minigun (stops when it gets over heated)
_Description : press Q to use a flame thrower that’ll do a 15 hp damage per sec (maybe less or more).

_Ability # 2 : damage booster
_Cooldown and duration : permanent
_Description : when inferno is within 4 meters , teammates will receive a damage booster making them more effective around inferno.

_Weapons :

_Primary : TIMIK-47, M4A1, SHAR-C.

_secondary : DE.50 , Simeon.357 , Empire-9

_Melee : Beckhill , Cricket Bat , Stilnotto

(evo888) #2

firstly, this is definitely assault, second, interesting, the one thing i don’t especially like is the concept of someone with a flamethrower as they’re basically stoker turned up to 11,

(Cordyceps) #3

Even if it’s a short ranged, an AOE damage effect boost may be a bit too powerful, especially if you’re grouped up with a large amount of allies at once.

(Chris_sleiman) #4

About the damage booster ability, It may be a bit too powerful but don’t u forget that enemies in large groups are an easy target for arty , skyhammer, fragger , nader… wich makes inferno’s work even harder