New merc idea [Zapora]

(MaddMann3) #1

“Do you feel that throbbing pain in your skull? That’s my bullet in your head.”

Name: Zapora
Age: 18
Sex: Female
Nationality: Polish
Class: Medic

History: (Unknown)

Ability 1: N.R.T.
Duration: 10 Secs
Cooldown: 20 Secs
Radius: (Let the devs handle this.)
Nanobots for Regenerating Tissue, or the N.R.T. When the bots are activated, it grants a 15 HP boost, reduces recoil, puts on a 12% speed boost. this works up to 3 mercs in her radius, but if Zapora, or her patients are in a EMP field, (Hunter and Phantom) The Nanobots will not activate if Zapora is in it. It cannot revive people who are downed.

Ability 2: Defibs
Revives a downed person.

(When the round starts with a Sawbonez) “Why him?”
(When a projectile reaches 5 inches nearby her) “Gówno!”
(Enemy Zapora activates Nanobots) “Here comes rush hour!”
“That’s gonna leave a mark.”
“Three down, Żenujący!”
“How are you losing to a medic?”
(Killing a Friendly) “Your fault into coming into linia ognia!”
(Activating Friendly Nanobots)
“Nanos up!”
“Get your Zdrowie!”
“Zrób im krzywdę!”
“Wynoś je! Go!”

(Thought it hard, why not a medic that heals from a distance? Of course i’ll leave the Speed and Hp to the Devs. And if you see something that needs to be Nerfed/Buffed, i’ll change it.)

(Dermott) #2

Is that Finka from R6? Is that intended?

I think you should post some other numbers and tweak the existing ones. Nanobots gives a lot of benefits but it’s hard to judge her without more informations. How fast is that regeneration, does nanobots heal one person or the whole team? It requires line of sight or its totally global? If yes, it’s very strong and takes away any possibility to allow player to express their skill through that character. You should also reconsider its duration and cooldown times, look at other mercs, especially medics, they don’t have long cooldowns.

Did you used google translator to give her that name (why exactly Zapora?) and for voicelines? It sounds very weird and random.

You have defined merc’s core idea, think about it more and tweak it properly, good luck!

(MaddMann3) #3

Thanks for the info! i’ll try to Tweak Zapora a bit more, right now, you shouldn’t be worried about the name and lines.