New Merc Idea: Valkyrie

(MaddMann3) #1

“Eyes in the Sky.”

Name: Valkyrie

Age: 30

Role: Fire Support

Nationality: American

Gender: Female


Ability 1: E.I.T.S. Drone
Cooldown: 45 Secs
Throws a flare that activates the drone for 20 seconds before deactivating, and spots people repeatedly in the radius 5 seconds apart, People under a roof are spotted, but only by their last known location. The drone cannot be activated if the flare was used indoors, the flare MUST be outside in order for the sequence to commence.

Ability 2: Ammo Pack

Throws an ammo pack that refills your spare ammo.

“Flare out!”
“Get ready! Flare is out!”
“You’ll see them soon!”
“Ammo is right here!”
“Drone is up.”
“Activating Drone.”
(Tired)“Activating drone…”


Primary: Hurtsall, Timik 47, M4A1

Secondary: Caulden, DE50, Hoigat.224

Melee: Combat Knife, Cricket bat, Axe

(I tried making a new one, it took me awhile but this idea baffled me, i just hope it works due with there being almost no Spot-capable mercs.)

(Cordyceps) #2

What would the radius of the drone be? If it were too large, it could effectively reveal the location of every merc that is outside. I think it would be easy for the spot through walls capability to be overpowered. Maybe give the through walls a debuff, like people spotted through walls are spotted for less time than those outside. Currently, I think pings last about 5 seconds currently, so essentially the drone would be live pinging enemies for 30 seconds, so maybe it would be more balanced if it pinged enemies every 10 seconds instead of 5.

(MaddMann3) #3
  1. I don’t know what the radius should be itself, you could tell me what it should be though. I am aware it can spot through walls, but although without it, it’s practically useless, because more than half the time people stay indoors for cover.
  2. If it pinged every 10 secs, then the info would be too much lackluster, someone can set a trap in just under 10 secs. i can reduce the time it’s active but that’s about it.
  3. I’ll try to Buff/Nerf by your preferences, I’m also aware that the Speed and Hp is missing, but that’s because i don’t know how much of a % they should be apart of. it would help tremendously if you helped me. or just tell me how much you want it to be

(TheDorkyDude) #4

I feel like she’s more of a recon type of merc. She has no real destructive ability like every other firesupport currently in the game and also her drone spots people, just like e.g. Vassili’s heartbeat sensor or Redeye’s IR goggles. Just my humble opinion. C ya