New merc idea (TRACER)

(jesse.slaats) #1

Class- recon
Hp- 110
Speed- 410

Profile- Tracer was a nimble-fingered thief and pickpocketer in North-America with the Mexican nationality. On one day he pickpocketed bushwacker’s nephew who was a genious scientist and engineer. He was at the time developing a footstep tracer. Tracer stole the invention out of the engineer’s pocket. Tracer started using the tracer and soon he found out that it would be really usefull in combat. So he travelled to London to join the fight.

Ability 1. Enemy Tracker (E.T) (an other name is possible)
Duration- 20 seconds
cooldown- 30 seconds
the enemy tracker (works like the tracker perk in cod bo3) leaves trail of digital footstep imprints on the floor where an enemy recently walked. the imprint trail will fade out after 10 metres away of the enemy.


  1. timik-47
  2. dreiss ar
  3. k-121


  1. DE 50.
  2. Empire-9
  3. selbstadt .40


  1. kukri
  2. cricket bat
  3. katana

I Think this merc needs a balance if so pls comment.
I hope you’ll think this is a good potential merc.

Jesse Slaats

(Dermott) #2

Sorry but I don’t find this ability useful. I can guess general position or direction where the enemy is going by using respawn timer and map awareness. Snitch or heartbeat sensor can pinpoint enemy positions, when tracker just gives very bland informations. In what scenarios E.T can overshadow other recon’s abilities?

(jesse.slaats) #3

would he be better with an extra ability or as an assault merc?