New merc idea, Hunter Recon/Sniper

(Chip) #1

Weapons- crossbow (new) PDP FE-LIX
Dmg- 50-65
Dps- between moA and PDP 50-100?

Secondaries- Tolen, Empire, Revolver

Melee- Combat beckhill, stiletto, (would be cool if he used a arrow) Cricket bat

Ability- Arrow cam, has a small arrow gun that shoots an arrow that can stick on a surface (maybe also players) with a camera on it
Ability 2- activating the camera, look around a little and mark/call out where and who
Story- Before the Dirty Bomb accident hunter was a simple hunter in Ireland, didn’t matter what he hunted as long as he could trade the animal, or under rare circumstances, person for money, but after the Dirty Bomb incident most of the wild life diminished, but it seemed the CDA needed a group of wild Jackals to be captured, so Hunter did what he knew best, and sought out to hunt them down

Plz leave ideas for improvements and general discussion about this idea, I’m sure there’s room for improvement thanks for reading!

(Naonna) #2

Seems very similar to Amy’s initial third-eye camera used in the alpha. Character backstory seems like a good foil to the marksman, Redeye.

(Chip) #3

I’m not sure how Aimee worked before hand, but thank you for the feedback, the idea is he can shoot the arrow in a corner or maybe characters (to deal a little damage) and then he can switch over to a screen similar to the mechanics arm/disarm device and pick them out from behind enemy lines, it could also be used for defense like on bridge to see what ways which characters are coming from and where, I’m not sure if it makes much sense

(TheManBehindTheMaskisch) #4

Dude your merc idea is made.

(CheesyPwn) #5

Hell yae

(LawrenZi) #6

Damn, your merc made it in the game :0

(Craikn) #7

but not nearly how he wrote lol xD