New Merc idea. Hacks

(CC41) #1


Class- Engineer

HP- 100

Speed- 430

Gender: Male

Origin: Australia

Hacks was a engineer that used to work at the company which created all of the electronics the dirtybomb characters use. Hacks later then quit his job as he was not getting the pay he deserved and became then a mercenary for the cash.

The Remote

Cooldown- 45 Seconds

Duration- inapplicable

The Remote is a device created by Hacks himself which is able to hack into enemy electronics in the battlefield. for example if there is any electronics on the floor (Suppose a proximity mine) Hacks, From a distance, can use his remote to hack into the device making it work for himself and the rest of team. if a mine was hacked, it would be used against the team that originally placed it attacking the original owner and the team. this also works for items like heartbeat sensors and other types of electronics. This does not work for grenades and projectiles obviously. Another amazing part about this remote is that this remote is able to disarm C4’s from a distance! the range obviously cannot be across the map. the C4 has to be visible to the player in a certain radius to hack. he can hide behind structures and disarm C4’s without the enemy team knowing. Also if you want to use this tactic keep in mind that the farther you are from the C4, the longer it will take for the remote to disarm it.

Primary- Hochfir, Blishok, and Crotzini.

Secondary- Hoigat.224, Caulden, and M9

Melee- Batons, Beckhill Combat knife, and Cricket bat.

(Mr-Penguin) #2

Hacking’s an old idea. Could be balanced, could be OP. Not gonna talk much about that.

Ranged arming/disarm is a big no for me. A lot of the game is about watching those plant/disarm sightlines, and if an engineer can disarm out of sight of the enemy team and from a decent range, he’ll be a must pick on several maps.

I’d rather abilities not mess with core game mechanics and map design…