New Merc Idea [Blackout/Switch]

(TheDorkyDude) #1

Name - Blackout
Age - 25
Nationality - (African) American

Health - 120
Speed - 420

Role - Engineer

Maybe imma add this in the future.

Ability: E.M.P grenade
Duration: 5-10 secs
Range: ~15 meters
Cooldown: 20-30 secs
This E.M.P grenade works similar to Phantom’s refractive armor. When thrown it affects all (enemy) deployables in range. When struck by the electromagnetic pulse all (enemy) deployables will, for the duration of this affect, become friendly and no longer attack your team but instead the enemy. E.g. Bushwhacker’s turret now ignores your team and instead shoots at the enemy. Same for Proxy’s mines (however they can still be shot and deal damage to your team). The E.M.P grenade can be shot to instantly end the effect. The enemy deployables will still be disabled for 5secs after the affect has ended. It also stops the EV dead in its tracks for five to ten seconds.

Passive Ability:
Objective Specialist

Primary - Crotzni, Blishlok, Kek-10
Secondary - Selbstadt .40, DE .50, M9
Melee - Stilnotto, Beckhill, (weapon-)Butt-Smash

His E.M.P grenade can, and should, be used to counter deployable-spam. It doesn’t do damage though, so it’s basically useless against everything that’s not a deployable.

I hope this makes any sense at all. I just thought this was a neat lil’ idea for a new merc that be added. Lemme know if I made any mistakes or what what you’d change about him. I don’t really have much experience doin stuff like this so yeah…C ya