New Merc Idea (Armadillo)

(MaddMann3) #1

Name: Armadillo
Nationality: American

Health: 140

Role: Assault

Profile: Armadillo was a gun for hire for multiple years, after getting fired for “Experimentation without Permission”, outraged by this, he hid his Experiments, but worked on only one, after a success, he made dozens of copies of it, his “Mark X Flak Armor”, but calls it his “Shell”, he then trained for putting it on faster. He made a reputation for working as a Mercenary, and got himself the codename “Armadillo”. Jackal quickly noticed, then put him on the line, he works for Jackal, to Clear out the CDA Mercs that are harassing his allies.

Ability 1: “Armadillo Shell”
HP: 2 Explosives
Activation: 2 Seconds
Cooldown: 35 Secs

His Shell allows him to take 2 Explosives before being destroyed, Although this may be powerful, it has massive side-effects: He moves slightly slower at a pace of 380 while it’s put on. it can also be disabled by 2 bullets. thus wasting his ability. But the armor is almost impossible to identify if it’s on or not. in order to know if he’s wearing it. look closely at his chest, or look at how fast he moves. Or just shoot him. The armor instantly gets destroyed if a Single Air Support ability hits him, Such as Javelin’s Rocket, and Artillery. he will take normal damage upon contact of Kira’s Laser Strike.


Primary: Timik 47, Hollunds 880, Stark AR

Secondary: Caulden, DE.50, Simeon .357

Melee: Kukri, Beckhill Knife, Cricket Bat

(I gave a shot on a Truly Original Merc, please report any mistakes I may have made, I’m doing the best I can.)

(Mr-Penguin) #2

Realistically speaking, a suit of armor that can tank any explosion but goes down with two bullets makes no sense. It also makes this merc extremely weak gameplay wise, given that bullets are far more commonplace than explosives on the battlefield. I can’t think of a situation where you’d take two explosive hits in a row without being hit by any bullets in the process

Perhaps, keeping in line with the “shell” theme, the ability would instead temporarily give immunity from explosives and a 50-60 HP shield, but only from the front for about 10 seconds or so. The back would be the weak point. Your current idea is intriguing, but doesn’t fit well in an actual in-game scenario.

(Wulie) #3

And… to be honest, when I encounter an Armadillo, I shoot him aprox. 1 Second with my primary (I mean, its full- auto after all) and THEN I flush him with Nades oo

And when it just helps against explosives, its a watered- down Skyshield.

(Mr.Cuddlesworth) #4

start at 0:59

(arharr3) #5

Pretty much an underpowered version of Guardians skyshield mechanic, which can be shot down faster, can actually be destroyed by explosives while being up and doesnt help your teammates the slightest.

As pointed out above, a armor mechanic would make sense though I’d reserve something along these lines for a possible future medic.
Doesnt exactly fit the name, but how about a stim shot which increases movement speed and max health, with a small health regeneration kicking in during combat?
It would allow him to boost his combat efficiency for a short time, with some drawbacks (lower max health and reduced movement speed) kicking in for a few seconds after the buff ends.

(MaddMann3) #6

He’s not a med. He’s an Assault, but I’ll take note of what you just said.