New Merc Hãyha Simo

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New merc Häyhä Simo

Name: Häyhä Simo
Age: 29
Nationality: Brazil

Health: 140
speed: 450

Role: Recon
Profile: codename Hayha Simo ex-military who has participated in many more wars by an accident she had to move away from the battles, she is recognized by CDA as sniper with the vision beyond reach, hit her targets from long distances without being perceived by the escort who protected them from their targets. The number of deaths made by Hayha, recorded is over 500.
The reason she has moved away is because one of her missions was to simply destroy the target and then steal an item that is in the enemy base safe, it seems simple to her when you open it the safe triggered a trap that was inside safe that when it opened it would leave an acid that would close the one who opened it did not anticipate that this would happen and it loses the vision.
More by a miracle, a person of black clothes safe, after everything that happened she recovers the vision that she had. Why this is another story.

Hayha Simo is only nickname or codename of her that the CDA gave her so that no one knew her real name or the origin the records in the army were erased.
The codename " Hãyha Simo" comes from Simo Hãyha and a Finnish sniper known as one of the best snipers of World War II. Research on his story

Skill: camouflage sensor

  • The device that hides her presence and the other ally that were beside her hides their presence. The other devices that detect the presence of enemies around, the sensors used by vassilian and Aimee (heart rate sensor and Snitch Device) are useless, for example the Yandha HSB-9 device interferes with the signal that the heart rate sensor sends to the Vassilian about where the enemy is sending the electromagnetic punch that messed up the signal being sent to him.
    Activation of capacity: Automatic or by pressing Q to activate
  • When an enemy uses some type of device that detects the presence of others, it is automatically activated or activated by pressing Q to activate to send an electromagnetic punch, to block the enemy’s sensor. This would help by passing silently without the enemy noticing its presence.

Timeout: 1 minutes / or 45s
Cooling: 15s

Secondary ability: camouflage

  • This ability comes together attached to the HSB-9 glove, it would use to hide from enemies or attack them from behind without realizing it (it is advisable to use this ability to escape from difficult situations)

Skill Activation: Press E for active
Usage timeout: 30s
Refreshment: 15s

I intend to bring more new merc soon. Maybe: p

next mercenaries that I will post.
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And if some part of the text is wrong, thank the google translator for the beautiful translation: p

PS: If you do not know what weapon
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(TheDorkyDude) #2

Firstly, Simo Häyhä was a finnish sniper during the 1939–40 Winter War so I don’t think the name would fit for a brazilian. Secondly an ability that just hides you from sensors is a bit weak, in comparison to all the other abilities, that are currently in the game. And it wouldn’t hide her presence either. She can still be seen and unless she hides the entire match without firing a single shot she will be noticed and probably killed. Besides…unless you stand on one spot for the entire match you will be able to get detected. And in a fast pace game like DB it is highly unlikely(even for a sniper) to just stand on one spot without moving. It’s not like you’re invisible either, the enemies can still see and kill you. Maybe if the ability would work even while she’s moving but gets depleted faster…idk. Cool sketch btw. Cya

(DK69) #3

Not her real name she uses this code name to not be identified

(DK69) #4

Thanks for your opinion, I also have doubts as to was going to use the camouflage, plus the sensor that block the device that detected the presence of others
Camouflage would only serve in case the enemy approaches her so in this she could activate the camouflage to escape if it was more than 1, I was coming to address her. and you’re right, DB starters are frantic so she could run if she needed to get out of hiding.
And in question the device that block the presence of it. It would only serve for other snipers who use the sensors to detect the presence of others such as Vassilia and Aimee know where she is, and she not only sniper she can get into combat with Koch HK416 because a lot are not using the sniper then Koch would be of much help.

(Cordyceps) #5

I think a speed of 450 is way too high. Maybe reduce her HP or her speed. The other mercs with 450 speeds are Proxy and Kira, and they only have 90 HP but are still powerhouses. An HP and Speed as high as what you have would likely be too powerful.

(DK69) #6

this will depend on the developers will decide how much life and speed she will have

(Chris_sleiman) #7