New merc" Grease"

(BushWanker) #1

merc info

ingame ability preview
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Please tell me your opinion in the comments below :smile:

(BushWanker) #2

I do not claim rights of ownership of this mercenary.

(SweetGenocide) #3

Meh, not bad, but im not sure with 35% movement speed or something like that.

(Naonna) #4

This is a re-post. - Look in the logs for the initial one. I commented on that.

(BushWanker) #5

@Naonna as I commented I do not claim rights of owner ship for this creation.

(Naonna) #6

@Bushwanker You can bump an older merc suggestion to the top by commenting on it. If you find the original post, I’ll re-visit the idea if my opinion can be changed through a well-reasoned argument.

(BushWanker) #7

OK, I should have just commented on it.