New Merc Ed

(DK69) #1

Name: Ed
Nationality: England
Class: Engineer
HP: 120
Speed: 420
Height: 1,79
Age: 25
Ed as a child he was a secret laboratory guinea pig of the CDA, doing secret experimentation with him over time until he was 16, he eventually acquired immense immunity against various types of poisons on Earth, and he lost his sense of pain with rigorous tests done with it. Over time he acquired a sociopathic personality that was caused by the various tests that were done with him; after completing his seventeen years, he escaped from the laboratory, because of a flaw in the safety he gave in the lab he had a chance to escape through the air ducts that led to the surface. But there was someone waiting for him …

Skill: C3
Ed carries several C3’s in the backpack he uses to put them anywhere he wants (C3 would be the fretcher’s Sticky Bomb, sticking anywhere).
Skill: C3 / 4 explosive activator
The C3 is activated manually by the mobile phone
Damage done by C3: 180+ damage. Maximum time to explode at C4: 15s
Cooling time: 9s each C3

Main Weapon: Hochfir SMG, Hollunds 880 and Blishlok
Secondary weapon: Simeon .357, Beckhill Combat and DE .50
Melee: Knife, Cricket Bat and Stilnotto Stiletto


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I’m going to post 4 more Merc this week, I’ll do quick rap drafts, I’ll try to post them, it’ll be an impossible mission, I’ll try. Will be the last that I will post
See you:P

(Da_Mummy) #2

Ahem C3 instead of C4 first of all and seriously seeking this is just an op version of Fletcher and Proxy combined.
Slap the “Engineer” title on it and you got 4 more unnecessary merc concepts this week.
Please just take this as constructive advise but you already got negative reviews on all the other merc concepts so you don’t HAVE TO create mercs like some sort of factory just put all your effort into one idea and make an actual concept that could be somewhat balanced in the game.

(DK69) #3