New Merc - Doorknocker [Artwork in Progress]

(BlackboltLW) #1

oh look it’s finally done

[artwork in progress]


  • Name : James Clarke
  • Alias : “Doorknocker”
  • Age : 35
  • Origin : Beaconsfield, United Kingdom.

Physical Details

  • Sex : Male
  • Height/Weight : 180cm/85kg
  • Hairstyle/color : ?/?

[center]“My name is Doorknocker, I’m taking the ‘knock-knock’ joke quite literally”[/center]

During the Dirty Bomb attack, James was one of the Police Support Unit who helps evacuating London residents and preventing civilian outbreak as a riot police. Until some time when the CDA came to deal with the aftermath of the attack and went into war with the ‘Jackal’ faction, James immediately resigned from the Police because ‘personal reasons’, and eventually joined MercSERV as a mercenary for hire.

His reasons? MercSERV’s paycheck is more promising than his whole 10 years career money combined.[/spoiler]


  • Class : Assault
  • HP : 135
  • Speed : 380 (500 when charging)
  • Notes : He’s designed to be an assault merc who relies on the team to aid the assault. Not suitable as a tank, and performs better on close to point blank firefight. His ability performs better to clear long corridors like those in Bridge or Terminal.

b Shield Charge[/b]

  • Description : Doorknocker equips his ballistic shield, and charges straight forward. The shield has 140 HP. During this phase, he’ll automatically “knocks down” any mercs in front of him. Any mercs that has 80 health and lower will be incapacitated, above that would be stunned for 2s and got 50 damage.
  • Cooldown : 35s, 20s if the shield destroyed when charging or dequipped during charging phase
  • Duration : 3.5 seconds (can be stopped mid-charge)
  • Notes : The shield can be shot and destroyed when deployed. He can’t equip any weapons during charging mode. Explosives near him will slow him down, except direct hits to shield.
  • Additional Notes : You can shoot his exposed feet and through the shield’s visor, but deals lower damage

Primary : Buster Compact 12(Default), Hochfir SMG, KEK-10
Secondary : Empire-9(Default), Caulden, M9
Melee : Beckhill Knife(Default), Kukri, Stiletto

Buster Compact 12 is a short, compact Shotgun. Combined with it’s mobility and fast rate of fire due to the size, Compact 12 Shotgun is totally devastating at close to point-blank range. The downside is that the shotgun has only 4 shells when fully reloaded, horrible accuracy at medium range, and small ammo pool.

The form is taken from SERBU Super Shorty shotgun, with folded stock

Concept Art
Coming soon!


  • Mostly based from Assault Class “Shield Blitz” ability from Ghost Recon : Online/Phantoms

As usual, critics and suggestions are welcome, especially if you feel he’s OP/UP! Some stuff will be changed if there’s nice ideas/suggestions to add (and if I actually finish his artwork :lol: )

(Naonna) #2

Do you really want to charge directly into an enemy team as a single person? - regardless of health, focus-firing WILL kill you if it’s more than 2 people.

(BlackboltLW) #3

Do you have suggestions?

Agree with what you said, he won’t last long when charging alone (thus not advised in the first place). I want to make him as a ‘corridor cleaner’ merc that’s good on close combat, but not make him as tanky as Thunder or Fragger.

What do you think if I make the shield indestructible, basically making him invincible for a while, but shooting at the shield will slow him down when charging with the shield?

(Naonna) #4

it reminds me of the demoknight from tf2. In tf2, however, melee is a valid option, as is close range. In dirty bomb, melee such as the katana was heavily frowned upon for the short time it was viable. We had loads of people saying ‘this isn’t chivalry’ - even if the simple answer was to shoot the hooligan.

(Fyrix) #5

No it wouldn’t @Naonna as something similar has been done on another game. You could say the same about any ability that you can get shot, whilst throwing fraggers grenade or someone flanking you with Kira’s laser.

I like the idea of this mercenary, I suggested something very similar a while back. I think it’d make a nice breach mercenary.

Perhaps have the shield utilized was mobile to deflect incoming damage. Then a seperate thing for the charge.

(Mr-Penguin) #6

Shields are already hard to place in a game like this, but I will give a suggestion (because concept art is awesome).

I previously had an idea for a shield merc whose shield just absorbed/reduced incoming damage from the front while still being able to hipfire with another weapon. It’s no Reinhardt, but tanking explosive and bullet damage for a short time for the team is still useful in a push. Just plop a big magnet on the front to attract grenades and you’re gold.

The charge should ideally be a secondary ability to complement the shield, but being able to use it without the shield would give Doorknocker a little bit of added mobility with these “rocket dashes.”

(BlackboltLW) #7

@derpypenguinz19 Shields are pretty inviting for people to shoot at it though :lol:

I’ll think about giving him the ability to just equip his shield, maybe become his secondary ability since his ability is focused on clearing corridors and breach fortified position, not tanking bullets.

(Hunterwclf) #8

While I love the idea of this merc and it’s artwork, I have trouble figuring out how shielders can work well in Dirty Bomb.
In a fast paced shooter all about movement, jumping and flanking… It’s hard for me to see him ingame.

Maybe have him used a curved shield to cover his flanks? And have pure stunning habilities instead of hybrids? Not sure.
Would be quite interesting to see that big guy ingame though.

(freshRequiem) #9

Nice Idea!

(sgtSZKLARZ) #10

Shield can protect his back when not deployed