New Merc : Cross/Crosshair

(Raven_Marine) #1

name: Cross or Crosshair or maybe Target
class: engineer
health: balanced by devs
speed: balanced by devs
Nationality: England
catch phrase: i wasn’t aiming at you, you just happen to be in the way of my bullets

story: former SAS, Cross became a mercenary after being critically wounded during a mission. near death, cross made a deal with a private medical organization for a experimental bionic heart to replace his now damaged organic one. to pay off his bills, he retired from SAS and went to the nearest war zone he could find… London.

hired by jackal, he is armed with a advance targeting weapon system that he created, Cross has a resentment towards government entities (CDA) seeing as how they refuse to support his medical expenses to save his life

Ability : a shoulder mounted turret that he has to manually target, by aiming at the enemies and locking on to them. once targeted he can switch to his primary, sidearm and melee weapons while the turret continues to shoot. and he can lock on multiple enemies at a time and the weapon will continue to attack once the first target is down or out of sight
(weapon damage, rate of fire, attack delay and the lock on time should be best balanced by the devs)

weapons: SMGs focused on close to mid range

new weapon idea: dual wielding caulden, m9, Selbstadt .40 and Hoigat.224 or any other new sidearm with high rate of fire and low damage that’s in development.

the side arms being Smjüth & Whetsman, Simeon .357 and the DE.50 or any other high damage slow rate of fire sidearm that’s in development

(ScarletDawn) #2

would love to see this in game SD dooo iiitzzz

(Cordyceps) #3

Sorry, but “best balanced by the devs” sounds like an incredibly lazy move. Come up with the stats yourself.

(Raven_Marine) #4

@Cordyceps said:
Sorry, but “best balanced by the devs” sounds like an incredibly lazy move. Come up with the stats yourself.

i see where you are coming from, but it’s not really that simple, just because i gave heath and speed stats that’s not going to be the best balance inside the game, it needs to be field tested with the overall effectiveness of the merc first.

but because you asked, theoretically it would be best IMHO that if he is a fast and lightly armored merc, making him a good flanking merc rewarding for tactically placing yourself in the map all the while giving enemie players the chance to fight him on a equal footing on a head on fight

(Cordyceps) #5

Here’s a link I commonly refer to when I try to balance my merc ideas. You really should try to come up with your own stats for mercs,because chances are none of the mercs on here are going to be field tested by the devs.

(Demonic_Muff1n) #6

we’re gonna need stats on the turret as to what damage it deals and the cooldown.