[New Merc] Artyom

(Code-400) #1

Merc Name: Artyom

Nationality: Russian

Class: Aggressive Support Sniper (hes an A.S.S.)



Profile: ** [Certain information may require a security access level 5 or higher to be viewed]** Artyom is from the Siberian tundras where temperatures can reach -40 degrees Fahrenheit, its no winter wonderland. Its an unforgiving environment requiring someone who can adapt and be extremely versatile. [File Not Complete]
Primary Ability: MP-27
Cooldown: 1.5 seconds to recharge 2 shot (standing by an ammo station will recharge 4 shots every 1.5 seconds)
Description: Artyom pulls out his trusted hunting shotgun. His shotgun has 6 shots for each ammo type (so 24 shots total) These shells recharge during the battle.

Secondary Ability: Ammo Swap
Cooldown: None
Description: Artyom dumps the current ammo loaded in the MP-27 and changed it for one of four types of ammo. Those being 000 Buckshot, Flechette (Very accurate and keeps its damage at ranges) , Fragmentation (Deal AOE damage, also deals extra damage to “Buildings”, Incendiary (Sets your target on fire to deal DOT damage). Every situation has a called for certain response.

Primary: Dragoon (Info in notes), Shar-C, Crotzni.

Secondary: Caulden, TT-33 (info in notes), M9.

Melee: Beckhill Combat Knife, Tactical Combat Axe, Stilnotto Stiletto.

Notes: Artyom will be SUPER versatile, role depending appon his card. Also his profile I KNOW I could do better with that, maybe i’ll make a whole lore story about him someday and sorry for the spelling I probably screwed up as well.

The Dragoon is a Mosin-Nagant, More specifically the model 1891/59 carbine (It is NOT the Dragoon model, I just like dragon themed stuff and liked the name). This weapon ingame would have a moderate fire rate with a slow reload (it uses stripper clips sooo). Oh and did I mention this wouldn’t have a scope? yep a iron sight only rifle.

Now onto the TT-33 (otherwise know as the Tokarev pistol) users of the caulden will get the feling of deja vu, that’s because this is basically a russian 1911 (even uses the same short recoil system) chambered in 7.62×25mm (1911 is .45 ACP) stat wise i have no idea what to give it, probably something similar to the caulden. (yes I LOVE the 19-I mean Caulden)

Well I hoped you liked Artyom. I hope to see him on the battlefield someday and I hope you will too :wink:.

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yeah rereading his bio I didn’t really tie those things together, I shall work harder making it fit better.

(Navypanda) #3

So he gets a shotgun as well as his primaries, and shotgun has 4 different shells which can make the shotgun a sniper rifle, grenade launcher, and a molotov. Also when he “dumps” the shells is it wasted or do you keep it. Also we need more stats on those shells and the shotgun itself to properly balance the merc.

(Code-400) #4

hmm yes I see, maybe I can explain them better.

The shotgun itself is a double barreled under-over shotgun with 85 RPM, speed modifier 90%, damage fallodd range depends on shell being fired.

000 buck is the standerd shotgun shell that is ingame

Flechette: (irl a single shell holds about 20 flechette darts) 10X7 = 70 damage pointblank, effective range would go from 8 to 15ish, max headshot damage would be 90 (can still 1 tap low health mercs but will need a follow up shot for others). Also these could work a completely different way, they could deal more damage to limbs.

Onto the frag shells the aoe effect would be very small (about 1.5X1.5X1.5) and deal around 55 damage (its a single shot so the damage cant be too high) these would have a damage multiplier against buildings (auras medic station, ammo dispensers, turrets, and turtles shield). damage drop off would hit this shell hard as it would not only curve the damage, it would also curve the shell. yeah this thing would have alot of bullet drop. after 30M the damage would go down to about half.

Last but not least would be the Incendiary (I was disusing this with a good chap on the art work section and he said they should be like mini Molotov grenades, i liked the idea of area denial but thought that it would be a little too much) so this would act like the irl “Dragons breath” shells do, basically magnesium is being shot at you and lights your clothing on fire and burns. It would do a pretty small tick effect for every 2 “pellets” that land on you (effect can stack up to 4 times, and it can be removed by being healed, so if there is an aura station you may wanna use your frag shots to take it out first, then shoot em with these) i would say 5 DPS would be suitable for them (they only have an max range of about 8.5M and cant deal any damage past said range). 4X15 (every 2 shots landed in a shot amount of time will set the target on fire for 5 damage every second)

As for if you would lose the ammo when changing types, yes you would. you will be able to swap what ammo will be loaded in when you first take it out, but when you swap it will dump the 2 that have been put into the gun (mainly because the shell actually fly out of the gun when opening the breach). You will not be able to recharge shots will the weapon is active, you will have to put it away to recharge shots (as to prevent people from just using this at all times).

This merc is super versatile, we don’t really have another merc like him, and i wish we did. so that if you purchased him with credits he wouldn’t become boring right away or you don’t like his play style because you cant test out mercs beforehand. I feel that he could be pretty fun, but it could be just my bias saying that… Anyways if I missed anything feel free to ask away. Or somhow add me on steam.

(iNormal) #5

Maybe I can help you with the stats of those two guns

(Code-400) #6

inormal that would be spectacular! i would love some help on that matter.

(iNormal) #7

You want the stats of your Dragoon an TT-33?

(iNormal) #8

So you want me to send the stats of those two guns by writing down on this thread or message you privately?

(Code-400) #9

either way would be fine by me. thank you again.

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inormal i will update this post and give you credit for the stats, im fairly bad at balancing stuff. so this is a big help

(iNormal) #11

@Code-400 said:
inormal i will update this post and give you credit for the stats, im fairly bad at balancing stuff. so this is a big help