[New MAP in dev] - Alba Carolina Stronghold

(pred4to5) #1

Game Images:

Google maps images:

I can’t tell you at this point what mission will be or if the map will find a release but if not i will be glad to attach here the map source.

(KeMoN) #2

Seems like a nice idea for a map setting. So far you also did a great job with replicating the reference images.
Good luck with the mapping process.

Looking forward to updates

(WuTangH) #3

Nice! Hope to see it released one day.

Keep us updated. :wink:

(SiNRay) #4

Really nice! Please keep this topic updated with your project!:slight_smile:

(KeMoN) #5

Hi there,

if you feel motivated to really work on the map, why not sign up for the mapping competition that has been announced over here? The more participants, the merrier the outcome.

Give it a thought.

(Loffy) #6

Very nice screenshots.

(DevilsRightHand) #7

so there is someone who can map good detail as i do in my maps, where you use too custom hd textures/skybox , and not the standart et ugly 128x128 textures , you pred4to5 use a real place and you map it 1 to 1 as good as get

i dont tell here a story but this is a good example for inspiration this is maybe for the new mappers who like to mapping you can made the same as pred4to5

-where you use google and search for real places a example like a mountain with a village and the landscape too,or a castle
-or from games like unreal tournament 3/4 maps
-yep there a a couple good mapper of idtech3 where they map eye candy like hipshot’s and sock’ from qake3 ,i consider AEon maked a good map like his DM7 Redux for qake3,and there is a other idtech3 mapper Szico VII of Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy where he maked a good detail map BlueIce Nightfall https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=8&v=S1vPT9Bd3E4 and a little room map demonstration https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1mNNk6o9_a8&feature=youtu.be
-you can even add some unique things/a secret room with somehting in/a custom md3.model as obj/etc what not have been added in a map like the 400 other et maps
-or from take real world heigthmaps and importing in easygen from my tut http://www.thewolfteam.org/cmdownloads/advance-easygen-terrain-editor-tutorial/#

(pred4to5) #8

Finally decided not to release but giving instead the map source. Maybe some maper will find it useful/fun to bring it in game. Enjoy! :slight_smile: (eu1.map/eu2.map/eu3.map/eu4.map/eu5.map/eu6.map)



(KeMoN) #9

I like the atmosphere/style of the map and I do think it has quite some potential.
However, the area up the hill seems a bit open and wide, which could have an impact on gameplay as there is little cover.
But it’s great to see you release your map source so other mappers who are interested could have a look.

Anyway, I hope you still enjoyed mapping and I wish you all the best for future projects.

(Nerwitz) #10

Nooo… real pity you don’t feel like finishing that project. Anyway, good for you publishing the source online. We could use a neat siege map set on an actual hill, after Castle Attack, Eltz & Voilegarde. Who agrees on Castle Wolfenstein open access map? Think Goldrush-GALS, oh yeah, I had hopes for that for so long, hehehe.

(ronboy) #11

That would be awesome. :cool: